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  1. GoodDoctor commented on Endtown 27 days ago

    and a bear, a bell in England and a Publisher/Diplomat/ head of the Postal Service in the American colonies.

  2. GoodDoctor commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    cheapskate0, start here and enjoy the story…


    A long trip starts with the first step. Many questions are answered by following the path…

    You can see why Mr. Neathery has a following.

    Aaron, keep a positive outlook and, if you believe, a pray and if you accept, I will, and I would think those that are also of that mind will, say a pray for you to get better.

  3. GoodDoctor commented on Santa vs. Dracula 3 months ago

    Looking at the clientele of this place, and the owner, I say all the booze is watered down, even the one that comes in a can.

  4. GoodDoctor commented on Pluggers 3 months ago

    Had mine done in March but waited to today to put them in the mail.

    Yes I had to cut them a check. (both state and feds)

  5. GoodDoctor commented on Pearls Before Swine 3 months ago

    Now Rat and his friend need to visit the “In a wreck and need a check” lawyers. They are getting as bad as the political ads on Television and commercial radio.

    Wait… they are one on same people…” We are Doooomed”, to quote Linus in “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

  6. GoodDoctor commented on My Cage 3 months ago

    Norm could have said “Your parental leave cannot be over yet! Things were running so smoothly around here without you.”
    “We wonder why things were getting done around here then we noticed you were gone.”

  7. GoodDoctor commented on Endtown 4 months ago

    Could be he fired off just as her fuse was being lit.

  8. GoodDoctor commented on Endtown 8 months ago

    Let’s play the New Game Show
    “What is the Date?”

    Looking at the cars, I would say we are in the mid 50’s may be between 1953 and 1959 or so.

    The closets we came to lobbing nukes at each other was about 1962. So I say in End Town universe we are about 5 to 10 years before the virus and the war.

    Love the Alfred Hitchcock look about this… Great Details.

  9. GoodDoctor commented on My Cage 8 months ago

    Ashely and Norm are together in an Office Marriage in which I believed and as I feel you and Melissa truly thought, was the best arrangement for them. Close enough to be a “couple” but not having to be together all the time.

    So, I applaud you and Melissa for not allowing Norm and Ashely to fall into the “let’s get married” trap.

  10. GoodDoctor commented on Pluggers 8 months ago

    I had a retired Marine Gunner Sargent that worked with me as a field surveyor. He would never drink fresh coffee. What he would do is empty the office coffee pot at the end of the day and place the coffee in the refrigerator and in the morning he would get the day old stuff out and warm it up. I asked him why he did that when there was fresh right there and his answer was that for 25 years he drank coffee from a 5 gallon coffee pot that was last cleaned the day it came out of the box and that coffee pot was at least 30 years old when he first enlisted and it was still there, coffee constantly being made and drank from it, the day he retired. He was use to the strong taste. And he drank it black, no sugar or cream.