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  1. Katiekicks commented on Ten Cats almost 2 years ago

    Those videos just made my day and it’s only 9:00 in the morning

  2. Katiekicks commented on Frazz almost 2 years ago

    Is anyone else having trouble getting comics to appear instead of a tiny question mark? This is about the tenth one

  3. Katiekicks commented on Frazz about 3 years ago

    Re: nabuquduriuzher
    It means you look forward to going to school because you want to learn, but every day it falls short of expectations. And in high school it means your teachers have to ask you to stop answering questions and they joke about letting you teach the class

  4. Katiekicks commented on Pooch Cafe about 3 years ago

    The vet would be better because they know how to handle te cat and the human

  5. Katiekicks commented on PreTeena about 3 years ago

    The baby is a girl

  6. Katiekicks commented on FoxTrot over 3 years ago

    Required summer reading is the worst. For those who a confused by the concept:
    Whatever program you sign up for (regular or AP English), all the teachers who teach that program and your school, and sometimes even in the district, are required to require that book for summer reading. So your old teacher tells you before school gets out and there are various places online where you can find out what book to red as well. You buy it in June, read it in August, and usually the first week of school your class does something related to the book. But the books are always “literary” and next to impossible to read. And 80% of the time they’re about discrimination and racial segregation. It’s not fun.

  7. Katiekicks commented on Pooch Cafe over 3 years ago

    The bunny is grilling carrots and batman is in the trash…as for the rest…WTH?

  8. Katiekicks commented on PreTeena over 3 years ago

    I’m a weirdo. I can’t wait for school to start Monday and the idea of starting a study group with my friends has me super excited. Meanwhile all my friends in my home state started school two weeks ago and I’m laughing because they have homework and I just have band camp.

  9. Katiekicks commented on Dog Eat Doug over 3 years ago

    That explains sooo much

  10. Katiekicks commented on Ten Cats over 3 years ago

    @Linda Dean
    So cute! Made my morning. Thank you!