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  1. SukieDC commented on Lost Side of Suburbia almost 2 years ago

    The Lost Side of Suburbia has allowed us to form our own community, one which appreciates characters who find their own ways to help others and to grow. They become our heroes.

    Next Autumn WE might have a chance to be the heroes, and in so doing help Kory grow.

    Okay, that is not all that clear.

    How would you like to hold a Kory Merritt book in your hands?

    Either there was just a small earthquake locally or a number of you just began jumping in your seats.

    Yes, Kory Merritt is working on a print book, contracted to come out next Autumn.

    He needs to have a number of those sell before he can have the luxury of devoting significant time to doing much at LSoS, because — face it — he needs to eat and have a roof over his head. So, next year when the pre-publication sales date arrives we who love his work need to become like Rufus, and Biff, and Margo, and my own personal favorite: Goatsucker. We need to become heroes in our own small way and plan not only on getting Kory’s upcoming book for ourselves but also for our loved ones, friends, and for whomever we wind up gifting as a Secret Santa.

    Those things I know because Kory told me, but like you I know nothing more about the book so far. Kory will have a chance to tease us all with sugary snippets of temptation as time goes on.

    Anticipation is so sweet!

  2. SukieDC commented on Brewster Rockit about 2 years ago

    This must be why I eat my peanut butter with fresh thinly sliced habanero peppers, which are hotter. I recall the check out kid at Bardy Farms in Warren, NJ going white when I mentioned that!

  3. SukieDC commented on Luann over 2 years ago

    I suspect that rather than an actual makeover it will more be using Tiff as a stylist to suggest possible looks.

    Bernice was so pleased with her Prom appearance that I think that she is ready to grow up in terms of selecting her own young adult look but needs a bit of guidance in what works for her.

    Then again, she might want to punch up her address, for example, by having Tiff go in and out of the scene playing the class at different stages.

  4. SukieDC commented on Lost Side of Suburbia over 2 years ago

    That reminds me of a time long ago when Bosco, a spider monkey (Ateles belzebuth) stole my eye glasses and began ripping them to pieces which was not good for someone with poor vision. Sluggo, a woolly (Lagothrix lagotricha) who lived with him followed him and returned each piece to me with such a sad look on his face. I think of Cork as being both Bosco and Sluggo here.

  5. SukieDC commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria over 2 years ago

    A horticultural note that also relates to today. The reason that the poppies bloomed after the booming and trench warfare is because poppy seeds bloom where soil is disturbed. They can remain viable in the soil for an incredibly long time if conditions are right.

    That also relates to today because poppies are native to much of the Middle East, and Afghanistan. When those locations are bombed the seeds come up, even after many decades in the ground, so when people scream about new fields of poppies appearing in war-torn areas they have to ask themselves if the warfare itself was the farmer. Too often people without horticultural backgrounds assume the poppies were purposely planted.

    In the U.S. such poppy seeds are still sold because it is pretty much impossible to make the growing of the flowers illegal since they still spring up in places where medicinal herb gardens once thrived long ago when new construction is done there or when the soil is disturbed for a new garden. (What is illegal is harvesting from the plants.)

  6. SukieDC commented on The Knight Life over 2 years ago

    Many of us figure that after the story, while Heckbender is in winter sleep Goatsucker might seek out Rufus.



    Rufus petting Goatsucker:


  7. SukieDC commented on Lost Side of Suburbia over 2 years ago

    Trying a direct reply to you Sallymargaret. This is my first try w that feature so I hope it works. The image just came back at LSoS so you get to see Goatsucker in the final panel again.

  8. SukieDC commented on Lost Side of Suburbia over 2 years ago

    Sallymargaret, the picture just CAME BACK! So, we do not need to ask Kory and you can see it again! Marvelous!

  9. SukieDC commented on Lost Side of Suburbia over 2 years ago

    I found a contact portion on the LSoS site:
    and included my email in the box for email in case Kory ever decides to crowd fund a book. The reason I am mentioning that is because I know there are others here who love this strip as much as I do so figure that some of you might also want him to just have your emails on file in case that ever happens. So here are hugs for all from this ferret-loving old fart. This has been a marvelous community!

  10. SukieDC commented on Lost Side of Suburbia over 2 years ago

    I suspect that if you wind up needing funding for completing a book in the future that if word gets around about you using a public funding site (a possibility maybe at some time?) many here would help if able to at that point.

    Meanwhile, many hugs, Kory, for the wonderful entertainment and distractions you have given so many.