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  1. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy about 5 hours ago

    It’s the Abominably Alliterative Adversary!

  2. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago


    The Fifth & Flyface III (March 14-April 30)

    Hot Rize (May 1-June 2)

    Doubleup (June 3-25)

    B-B Eyes II (June 26-July 30)

    Morning Gloria (July 31-September 17)

    The Retelling of Tracy’s First Case (September 18-October 23)

    The Second Mr. Crime, B-B Eyes, Blaze Rize, Mumbles, Doubleup, & Abner Kadaver (October 24-December 2)

    Abner Kadaver is in a unique position among Tracy villains. As a profession hitman, he’s always taking orders from somebody, and they’ve always been main villains in their own right. So technically, Abner is never the “main” villain. But there are stories where he is the main focus, and whenever that is, I boldface his name.

    Putty Puss III (December 3, 2011-February 2,

    Thunderchild (February 3-March 7)

    Blackjack (March 8-April 24)

    The Second Mr. Crime, B-B Eyes, Blaze Rize, Mumbles, Doubleup, & Abner Kadaver II (April 25-July 20)

    Mrs. Flattop (July 21-August 20)

    Phishface (August 21-September 28)

    Measles II (September 29-November 16)

    Broadway Bates II (November 17, 2012-January 5,

    Sweat Box (January 6-March 3)

    The Jumbler (March 4-April 16)

    The Return of Moon Maid (April 17-October 19)

    The Blackhearts, Mrs. Flattop, Abner Kadaver, & Blackjack (Octobr 20, 2013-January 4,

    Silver & Sprocket Nitrate (January 5-March 19)

    Tabby Angus (March 20-May 31)

    The Search for Annie (June 1-October 12)

    Gruesome (October 13, 2014-January 18,

    Silver & Sprocket Nitrate and Mrs. Flattop (January 19-March 21)

    The Great Train Robbery (March 22-June 13)

    The Downfall of the Blackhearts and the Return and Rise of Mr. Bribery (June 14-October 11)

    Where it’s revealed that Mr. Bribery was the secret leader of the Blackhearts, making him the unseen main villain behind the Return of Moon Maid, Abner Kadaver’s second “solo” story, and the Great Train Robbery.

    Midnight Mirror Mystery (October 12-December 25)

    Specs & Spicy and the Return of the Ace of Spades (December 26, 2015-April 6,

    Mrs. Notta Faller Chin Chiller, Blaze Rize, and Putty Puss (April 7-June 21)

  3. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    Thanks, Neil Wick. As to our discussion of story beginnings and ends, it’s alright to disagree. It’s a polite disagreement where we both agree there’s no official “right” answer.

    And I politely disagree here on where the Notta story ends. I would end it a day earlier on June 21. I understand your reasoning that the 6/22 strip is both the end of the Notta story and the beginning of the current story, but I personally don’t like ending adventure strips that way, prefer ending a story on as much of a clean break as possible.

    One thing I think we can both agree on is that it isn’t until today that we could fully decide when the Notta story ended. On June 22, Notta is referred to while Tracy first brings up going on a vacation. For the next couple of days, Tracy continues talking about the vacation and mentions going to Europe, and we’re unsure where this is leading up to (if anything). And then, boom! Today, we learn that by chance or design (most likely design) Abner Kadaver is also going to Europe. And now we know that Tracy’s talk of vacation is the prologue to the next story.

    I’m going to post my table of contents for Curtis stories next.

  4. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    Since this is the Notta Faller story is the second story in a row this year to have no deaths, it’s time to take a look back at all the stories Curtis & Staton have done where no one died. That is, where no death was confirmed or even implied. By “implied”, I mean where a death may not have been fully confirmed, but where in the absence of any further evidence, it’s the conclusion you’d naturally come to, where the only reason to doubt they died is the lack of final confirmation. If there’s any reason to doubt it besides the lack of confirmation, then to my mind, it’s not an implied death.

    The first such story was in their first year on the strip in 2011, with the initial return of B-B Eyes. He tried to kill Honeymoon, but thankfully failed.

    The next time this happened was in 2012, their most “squeamish” year, the only one with multiple stories where no one died. In both of the first two stories introduced that year, Thunderchild and Blackjack, the villains weren’t killed and didn’t kill anybody. In between these two stories, however, was a weeklong subplot of the Second Mr. Crime, where it was implied Abner Kadaver killed Doubleup’s henchman, destroying the prosecution’s case against Doubleup and resulting in his acquittal. The next deathless story was the debut of Mrs. Flattop. She only tried to kill one person, but if she’s succeeded, the strip would be over. The year closed with the return of Broadway Bates, and while he had his moll Belle shot, the last we saw of her she was getting medical attention, making her death uncertain, and by my standard, unimplied.

    A few months later, in early 2013, we had the Jumbler who wasn’t killed and didn’t kill anybody. And that was the last story we had with no confirmed or implied deaths for the next three years.

    Which leads us to this year with the Specs/Spicy story. While people may have been killed in the safe explosion at the climax of the story, no deaths were mentioned. The safecracker could have been killed in the blast, but since he saw the dynamite before it went off, it’s at least as likely that he turned and ran and managed to get far enough away from the blast that it didn’t kill him. The facts that Specs was injured in the blast but was still well enough to travel soon afterwards while Spicy appears to have survived unscathed add to the possibility that the blast wasn’t as deadly as it looked and that no one was killed.

    And now, the following story with Notta Faller and Blaze Rize. Although we did get a confirmed death in this story, it was from several years ago, readers’ time, with the confirmation of Flakey Biscuit’s death. Her death at the time had been so heavily implied that I’d included her on the Death List right from the start, but it had not been confirmed until now. Aside from this confirmed deaths, no one who was alive at the start of this story was dead by the end of it.


  5. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    Yes, actually. There was this one time back in 1941 where Dick, Tess, and Pat went camping together and nothing bad happened to them. Of course, while they were gone from the City, Junior was being framed as a bicycle thief. More recently (since Curtis began writing the strip) the Tracys went on a vacation where they got friendly with another married couple heavily implied to be Popeye and Olive Oyle (Tess and Olive had fun comparing their spouses’ chins).

  6. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 11 days ago

    Thank you for giving credit where it’s due, and for knowing a good idea when you hear one.

  7. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 12 days ago

    My favorite story from Curtis so far has been the return of the Nitrates, but this is easily the best story he’s done since then. An old Tracy foe seeks revenge in a very unique, (mostly) nonviolent way, with a climax that’s both unexpected and unexpectedly moving. It’s the perfect nonviolent climax for what has mostly been a nonviolent story.

    But Fearless Fosdick and Abner Kadaver are comin’ up. Bring on the killin’s! ;)

  8. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 12 days ago

    Click on the strip and it will increase in size.

  9. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 15 days ago

    Blaze doesn’t seem so passive now, does she?

  10. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 15 days ago

    A key difference is that George shot directly at Tracy and Sam. They had to fire back in self-defense. Here it’s a wild shot that’s not fired directly at Tracy and Lizz. Also, Tracy believe (or at least hopes) Blaze is on his side (and she is) so there’s a greater chance that if he fired through the door, he’d hit an important ally.