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  1. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago



    It should be available elsewhere (in bookstores, and to be shipped from sites like Amazon) on the following Tuesday, January 3.


    Here’s the link:




    The funny thing is, the December solicitations for IDW (Tracy’s publisher) came out last month and Tracy wasn’t listed then. I skipped looking at IDW’s solicitations until now to see if Tracy would be in the January solicitations, so I don’t know when it became listed on Dec 28 (and now I don’t care what’s coming from IDW in January).

  2. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 7 days ago

    Let’s try this again.


    You can find what I’ve posted here.


    http://blogs.gocomics.com/2016/10/talking-bout-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes-or-some-explanation-on-recent-updates-to-gocomics.html .

  3. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 7 days ago




  4. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 7 days ago

    How do you even make spaces these days?

  5. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 7 days ago

    Thank you, I appreciate it. . I’ve made my most recent comment. You can find it here: http://blogs.gocomics.com/2016/10/talking-bout-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes-or-some-explanation-on-recent-updates-to-gocomics.html . I didn’t want to do it, but I felt I had no choice. Tell me what you think.

  6. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 7 days ago

    @AnyFace, Ken in Ohio, Chris Sherlock, JPuzzleWhiz, Ray Toler, . Thanks for the support. I’m going to be typing up something for Aaron Weber that should prove interesting.

  7. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 7 days ago

    Because I shouldn’t have to. Because it’s not a word limit, but a character limit. There’s a difference. A character limit is a limit of a combined total of alphabetical letters AND punctuation marks AND blank spaces AND html. Because Dick Tracy is an 85 year old story strip where every story lasts several months, where discussing aspects of Tracy’s history (what I loved to do most here) can’t be adequately summed up under 2,000 characters (the current limit)..And I don’t think we should argue over which restriction is worse. They’re all terrible.

  8. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 8 days ago

    Well, we have a confirmed death here. Normally, I’d be updating and reposting my death list today. Too bad I can’t thanks to GoComics’ stupid, asinine, contemptible, vile, loathsome, repulsive, despicable, idiotic, oppressive character limit.

  9. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 16 days ago

    Roughly how many characters would the Death List require to post in its entirety?

    I don’t know and have no wish to find out. I shouldn’t have to.

    The last time I updated the list was 8/1/16. If you go back there and find Hy Pressure, it should give you a general idea.

  10. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 16 days ago

    I’m going to repost my Death List today just to test out the 2,000 character limit.

    Turns out I couldn’t get past Hy Pressure, who died two and a half years after the list begins, and over three years ago. :(

    So, glad the character limit is expanded (I shudder to think how little of the death list would’ve made it past the 500 limit), but the character limit still sucks.