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  1. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 18 days ago

    You’re probably thinking of Bill “Shortcake” Mitchell, an Apparatus member who was last seen strapped to a chair in Abner’s lair. Besides the dough-y name, he and Flaky have something else in common: Their deaths have never been confirmed. It’s just that they were last seen completely helpless, at the mercy of people (Blaze Rise for Flaky, Abner Kadaver for Shortcake) who clearly wanted them dead, they’ve never been seen or mentioned since, while their would-be-killers have since turned up alive and well, implying they had no difficulty doing what they were last seen about to be doing (killing them).

  2. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy about 1 month ago

    Merry Christmas and a Happy…

    Anniversary to Dick and Tess!

  3. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy about 1 month ago

    I think Robert Downey, Jr. would have a good laugh over that while swimming in his millions…

  4. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy about 1 month ago

    Your logic doesn’t follow. How does the precise way Austin gets his profits “prove” he’ll be donating absolutely nothing to anyone?

  5. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy about 1 month ago

    Looks like Tracy’s words had an effect.

  6. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy about 1 month ago

    First off, I want to say thank you to Jim in CT for your defense of this story (which isn’t among my favorites, but I enjoyed very much) for saying a lot of things I was going to say to the naysayers.

    Sydney, you’re forgetting a small, but important detail. That 50th Anniversary story was not the last appearance of the Brow’s Son prior to this tale. It was the last story he had a major role in but not his last appearance. His last appearance prior to this was a cameo, shortly after Angeltop’s death. He can be seen in his prison cell, seeing Angeltop’s death being reported on the tv news, and tearfully declaring, “You shall be avenged!” I distinctly recall this brief moment, because I had liked the Brow’s Son at the end of the 50th Anniversary tale, for the reasons you pointed out, and was hoping he’d reform. I remember feeling disappointed to see him seemingly return to the dark side. I say, “seemingly” because this was his last appearance until now.

    To me, his motive makes a lot of sense, in a twisted way. All through this case one thing was bugging me, who would want to prevent a movie from being made that would depict Tracy and his friends in a bad light? Tracy’s allies wouldn’t seem likely to resort to murder to do that. Even the admiring crook Blackjack goes out of his way to avoid killing. If it’s one of Tracy’s old enemies, why would they be against a movie that depicts them in a positive light? Because the movie will do absolutely nothing to vindicate them. Nobody, not even the most enthusiastic Midnight Mirror fan, is going to seriously believe that Tracy and his allies are crooks or that their enemies are good guys. This is just a perspective swap, a scenario of “What if ‘real life’ good guys were bad guys while ‘real life’ bad guys were good guys?” The truth is still readily available. All this movie will do is call attention to the dark past of both the Brow and his Son. Enemies who are still active crooks like B-B Eyes and Mumbles won’t care, but someone like the Brow’s Son, who had a real chance at going straight, only to have his past dredged up by all the publicity would care a lot. And it must be pointed out that the Brow’s Son committed a lot of serious crimes. He personally shot Vitamin Flintheart, took part in helping Angeltop try to kill Lizz and Tracy, kidnapped Lizz and held her captive for a long time (even if he did free her), stood by and watched as Angeltop murdered the crooked plastic surgeon Dr. Carver. He even staged an attack on Tracy on the White House lawn, for crying out loud! It doesn’t seem implausible to me that a man who committed so many attempted murders in the past, might later become more successful at it.

  7. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy about 1 month ago

    I just want to point out to some people, the Joker doesn’t die in The Dark Knight. He’s still alive the last we see of him. The door was left open for him to return in a sequel, but Heath Ledger’s death put an end to that.

    Can we break a hundred in the 90 minutes we have left?

  8. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy about 1 month ago

    As long as the GoComics site allows space for all the deaths, I see no reason to shorten it.

  9. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 2 months ago

    The Unofficial GoComics Staton/Curtis Death List
    As compiled by boboscar, Tarry Plaguer, and AnyFace

    NOTE: Names with a + were found dead or killed prior to the story start.

    + Wormy & Thistledew (Reported dead in armory fire) 3/21/11
    Flyface 4/22/11
    The Fifth & Eddie Garcia (Caught in ’Thor’s Hammer’ beam weapon overload explosion) 4/25/11
    Earl (Flaky and Hot Rize’s innocent co-worker) 5/12/11
    Hot Rize (Asphyxiated in flour silo) 5/28/11
    Emma Parks (A.K.A. Ponytail Mk I) 6/14/11
    The 2 terrorists who tried to hire and double cross Morning Gloria 8/13/11
    Big Frost 10/20/11
    Apparatus Member (Killed by DoubleUp) 10/25/11 & fed to Tonsils 10/27/11
    Flaky Biscuits (Never confirmed, but implied) 10/29/11
    + Sizzler Sitzes (Hired by Kadaver to kill Charles Adams A.K.A. Baron Clovis in a hit and run. Was then shot and killed by Kadaver to keep him quiet) 10/31/11 identified 11/9/11
    Cueball 1/31/12
    Mr. Levitz (Doubleup’s main henchman in his first story; later killed by Kadaver to get Doubleup off) 3/13/12
    + Vincent Vinyl 5/5/12 confirmed 5/11/12
    The 3 supporting members of the Mumbles Quartet (Car bomb explosion arranged by Abner Kadaver under Panda’s orders) 5/20/12
    Lt. Teevo (Fed to Muerte Vine by The Mushroom Lady) 7/6/12 confirmed 7/18/12
    Panda (Tripped and fell into Tonsils’ tank under smoke cover released by Abner Kadaver, then eaten) 7/15/12 confirmed 7/23/12
    Davey Mylar (A.K.A. Mr. Crime Mk II) 7/13/12 tombstone 9/30/12
    + Arthur Curry (Aquarium director) 8/22/12
    Bookie (Measles’ partner) 10/14/12
    Measles (Overdose) 11/10/12
    + Stephen Baux’s fiancée 2/8/13 identified 2/27/13
    Simon Baux A.K.A. Sweat Box (Struck by train during car chase) 2/24/13
    Diet Smith Industries Guard (Supposedly killed by Bardoll) 6/25/13 (Uncertain; shown lying on the ground and called a “casualty” on 6/29/13, but unconfirmed)
    Bardoll 7/7/13 confirmed 7/16/13
    Hy Pressure 9/28/13 confirmed 10/8/13
    Drs. Sail, Ghote, and Flash Munroe? (Still alive last we saw them, and ambiguous that they’re dead, but it often sounds like Curtis thinks of them as dead) 10/18/13
    Bill “Shortcake” Mitchell (Apparatus member) (never confirmed, but implied) 10/31/13
    Miles Mycroft (Garroted by Silver Nitrate, then fed to Lena the Hyena) 1/26/14
    Mr. Kolossal 4/30/14
    Ed Rosato (Never confirmed, but implied) 5/14/14
    Tabby Angus 5/28/14
    The Butcher of the Balkans A.K.A. Henrik Wilemse (Punjab placed his magic blanket over him, sending the Butcher on to “fly with the Maji” where none have ever returned) 7/27/14
    Axel’s “crack combat troops” (Implied to have all gone the same way as The Butcher of the Balkans a la Punjab) 9/30/14
    Axel (Blown up by Dr. Kenyon’s unstable experimental explosive) 10/5/14
    Otis (Killed by Gruesome) 12/5/14
    Mrs. Flattop (Flattened by 70-pound Film Canister thrown by Sprocket Nitrate in self-defense) 3/1/15 confirmed 3/6/15
    Cork 4/29/15 confirmed 5/1/15
    Fontane 5/6/15 confirmed 5/12/15
    Jimmy Choo Shooz (Sucked into undertow at Lake Prachett) 6/4/15
    Méliès (Accidentally shot with 50 caliber bullet – Possibly in right eye – By Apollo) 8/23/15 confirmed 8/31/15
    Rocket Munroe & Apollo (They would’ve been fatally shot by 9/12/15, on 9/13/15 it’s implied Venus is the only one on that floor still alive, on 9/21/15, Rocket & Apollo are among those on that floor who are identified.)
    VENUS IS DEAD FISH DEAD!!! 9/22/15
    + Vic Smith /John Cassaday 11/7/15
    + Byron Orlock 11/16/15
    Freddy Capp 11/23/15
    The Hangman/The Brow’s Son/Alfred Brau, Jr. (caught and hanged in Tracy’s safety cable while trying to hang Tracy) 12/10/15

  10. boboscar commented on Dick Tracy 2 months ago

    I will post an update of the Death List now that the Hangman has been exposed as a past major character. It will be: The Hangman/The Brow’s Son/Alfred Brau, Jr.. The first name is the name he was known as for most of this story, the second is the name he was known as for most of his existence in this strip, and the last as his real name. Unlike past updates, I won’t post this two days in a row because I’m not adding a new name to the list, just updating on a name already on it.

    Should be up in a few minutes.