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  1. Requin commented on Big Top almost 7 years ago

    Good Afternoon everyone!

    Hello to Lonewolf, MoPar, Doc, Dry, bmonk, Bargrove, cleo, DF, johnny, comicaddict, Joy, and anyone I missed!

    Halloween is finally over, and I can read everyone’s full names again.

    MoPar Hope everything goes well for you and Mrs. MoPar.

  2. Requin commented on The Barn almost 7 years ago

    What about east and west?

  3. Requin commented on The Argyle Sweater almost 7 years ago

    Took me a moment to notice the kids in the window.

  4. Requin commented on Lio almost 7 years ago

    Wish my parents had been that laid back. I loved climbing, but they had a different opinion about it than I did.

  5. Requin commented on Dog Eat Doug almost 7 years ago

    LMAO! Our dogs don’t even have to try to knock things off the table.

  6. Requin commented on Bozo almost 7 years ago

    One Halloween, I separated all my candy into 12 bags, one for each month, until next Halloween. Most of the candy was gone within a week or so.

  7. Requin commented on Bound and Gagged almost 7 years ago

    It’s strange that the roller is still *on* the road.

  8. Requin commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken almost 7 years ago

    $49 of Cheese Wiz? Wonder how long it’ll last.

  9. Requin commented on Big Top almost 7 years ago

    Time for me to run to Saturday class. See you all in a few hours!

  10. Requin commented on Big Top almost 7 years ago

    Good Mourning and Happy Howloween to Rmomzilla and cleo naked corpsakaya!