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  1. JezzVimSr commented on Nancy 1 day ago

    Phil should do as I do. If anyone doesn’t want you for YOU then they do not need to be in your life. Period!

  2. JezzVimSr commented on Today's Dogg 8 days ago

    Remember to bring in your dog!!! They are “human” too!

  3. JezzVimSr commented on Nancy 8 days ago

    Really? When will age be as tabu as race of a person?
    Looking and Feeling your best should be good enough.

    Anyway, I never dated anyone that was my age, they had to be at least 20 or so years older than I was. I liked them because they taught me things that men my age didn’t even know about. And they older ones wanted a young tender one. ROFL!!!

  4. JezzVimSr commented on Nancy 10 days ago

    Kiss and Make Up!!!

  5. JezzVimSr commented on Nancy 14 days ago

    Guy you seem to hit the nail on the head more than not.
    Thank You for that.
    Being of mixed decent, I experienced the good, bad and ugly all my life. But I still treat everyone I meet with the same optimistic view of friendship. Its up to them to change my mind and heart.

  6. JezzVimSr commented on Nancy 20 days ago

    My dog Bisket will catch mice when we go out, when we come home we find a “welcome home gift” at the door. She can sniff out them and waits. Funny to watch her.

  7. JezzVimSr commented on Nancy about 1 month ago

    Sad day when your comtemporaries pass away, go to the big fluffy cloud in the sky. I just found out yesterday that the person I talked to nearly everyday for 32 years passed away. I wondered why I didn’t hear from him. I am so sad. No replacing that friendship. Joe Crocker passed and I felt sad because all of my favorite groups members are passing. I know, I am old. But it is still sad, still miss them.

  8. JezzVimSr commented on Nancy about 1 month ago

    MY kind of guy! Where can I find a Sluggo of my own???

  9. JezzVimSr commented on Nancy about 1 month ago


  10. JezzVimSr commented on Nancy about 1 month ago

    Very nice crossover Guy! Very nice!!!