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  1. nefa commented on JumpStart 17 days ago

    Lunch break is a bal masqué!

  2. nefa commented on JumpStart 27 days ago

    Yes, now I see. Sorry!

  3. nefa commented on JumpStart 27 days ago

    UFO” doesn’t automatically imply “extraterrestrial life”.
    It flies, it’s unidentified… it’s a UFO.

  4. nefa commented on Lola 5 months ago

    C’mon Max, be a dog!

  5. nefa commented on Lola 6 months ago

    That will earn him a tip… from Lola

  6. nefa commented on JumpStart 9 months ago

    “How would I know?”
    Well, if Frank says something like “Great, we’ll expect you at six then” then VvS accepted, if he says “…yes, I understand, no, that’s OK” Vick did not. You only need half the conversation for that.

  7. nefa commented on Lola 10 months ago

    Cold reading totally works!

  8. nefa commented on JumpStart 11 months ago

    Sorry Dr. Semmelweis, my skin is too dry.

  9. nefa commented on Ted Rall 12 months ago

    Godwin’s law: The internet goes too far with Hitler comparisons, thereby cheapening the Holocaust. It is not about whether an internet commenter wins or loses. But perhaps your use was ‘ironic’, or ‘meta’, so this doesn’t apply to you.

  10. nefa commented on JumpStart 12 months ago

    I foresee trouble… dogs don’t understand “just this once”.