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  1. nefa commented on Zen Pencils 2 months ago

    Do you think the remark about “the good life” was a reference to “The Good Life”? I can see some similarities!

  2. nefa commented on Jim Morin 2 months ago

    The enemy of my enemy is my ALLY, not my friend.

  3. nefa commented on Jump Start 3 months ago

    He doesn’t even notice that his opponent (in the red jacket) has gone in the last panel. Now that’s concentration!

  4. nefa commented on Tom Toles 5 months ago

    Worrying, when satire is so good it becomes indistinguishable from the thing it’s satirizing… :)

  5. nefa commented on Jump Start 6 months ago

    (verb, from soapbox + bombing)
    Deliberately steering all conversations towards one particular issue about which you are very outspoken”

    From a Cracked contest: “Useful words the English language needs to add.” Well, it made me laugh.

  6. nefa commented on Jump Start 6 months ago

    No soapbombing please.
    (A word I recently learned)

  7. nefa commented on Jump Start 6 months ago

    Thanks for this strip, Mr. Armstrong (also for explaining the reference and educating me)

  8. nefa commented on Jump Start 7 months ago

    Did he wag it more to the left or to the right? That seems to mean different things.

  9. nefa commented on Ted Rall 9 months ago

    Better not draw your president at all Ted, apparently people are insulted.
    And if you must draw him, NO bomb in his turband!

  10. nefa commented on Jump Start about 1 year ago

    It’s all right, as long as she doesn’t derail all conversations like that… I hope that Joe doesn’t think “They made me learn in school, but now I never want to learn anything any more!”