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  1. ibsmartmouth commented on Lola about 2 years ago

    I prefer a cat… though not a spoiled one.

  2. ibsmartmouth commented on Stone Soup about 2 years ago

    Fred Mitchell: La pictura primera es un chiste diciendo que toda la ropa se apparece como la mujer tiene un bebe. La otra mujer se dice que tiene leche que el bebe ha vomitado en su camisa. Your English is probably better than my Spanish, and forgive me if I misinterpreted or falsely assumed what you requested.

  3. ibsmartmouth commented on Luann about 3 years ago

    …as far as preparedness goes, it may have been less formal than her initial interview outfit, but i kept a spare set of clothes in the car too…

  4. ibsmartmouth commented on Moderately Confused about 3 years ago


  5. ibsmartmouth commented on For Better or For Worse about 3 years ago

    If its a warm rain they can go out together in shorts and t-shirts. Mud squishes between toes, and it can all be fixed by a warm bath afterward.

  6. ibsmartmouth commented on Lola about 3 years ago

    worst part is that it probably exists

  7. ibsmartmouth commented on Lola about 3 years ago

    one w milwaukee and football