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  1. TioMaxx commented on Wrong Hands 9 days ago

    Love the Lincoln headline!

  2. TioMaxx commented on Ask a Cat 13 days ago

    Hearing “Hang In There Baby!” would get old fast too!

  3. TioMaxx commented on Pluggers 22 days ago

    And I’ve never seen a transformer with a door before!

  4. TioMaxx commented on Pearls Before Swine 24 days ago

    “And why are all these people at the gate? They can’t all be getting on this flight.”

  5. TioMaxx commented on Pickles about 1 month ago

    “I saw a clock once with no minute hand, the numbers all read 1ish, 2ish and so on, it seemed like a great idea!!!”

    When I retired I bought a “clock” that had only one hand but the markings were the days of the week!

  6. TioMaxx commented on 1 and Done about 1 month ago

    Uh oh. It’s the Knights who say “Ni”!

  7. TioMaxx commented on Pearls Before Swine 2 months ago

    Like my Aunt once told me…“They say money can’t buy happiness but I’d sure like to give it a try!”

  8. TioMaxx commented on Pooch Cafe 2 months ago

    Just like my cat from a few years back. When she heard the can opener (electric) she’d come running! I imagine she’d be thinking “Could be for me or maybe not but I’d better check!”

  9. TioMaxx commented on Pickles 3 months ago

    I can’t say as to why others do it but I can tell you that I take them to send to my friends to say “I’m having Thai food and you’re not!” or “I’m having a beer and you have to work!” Not quite a thousand words but it gets the message across!

  10. TioMaxx commented on Pickles 3 months ago

    Thirty-five years ago I was in the Air Force stationed at Aviano AB in northern Italy. I went to Venice and as I was heading back to the train station I took two pictures of the Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge to “use up the roll of film.” One of them is my favorite picture I’ve taken. To this day I tell people that that picture is worth all the money I’ve spent on camera equipment, film and processing!