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  1. Astroman007 commented on Brewster Rockit 3 days ago

    Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase: “You’re fired!”

  2. Astroman007 commented on For Better or For Worse 3 days ago



    August 6, 1945, Hiroshima

    August 9, 1945, Nagasaki


    The world will never forget…


    Let’s stick to the comics and not devolve into political, historical postings save where the strip directly deals with it.


    How tall is John, anyway?!


    Unless that sports car is a convertible or has a Sun roof…he’s gong to get headaches!

  3. Astroman007 commented on Dilbert Classics 9 days ago


    It won’t end well…

  4. Astroman007 commented on For Better or For Worse 9 days ago

    What’s that old saw? “The only difference between men and boys … is the price of their toys!”

  5. Astroman007 commented on Dilbert Classics 10 days ago

    Brad, we don’t need your racism here…

    Most LOUD TALKERS I’ve encountered are white and get their way far more often than any minorities ever do.


    The strip reminds me of the Peter Principle — people are promoted to their highest level of incompetence, especially to managerial posts! That’s certainly true in Dilbert and The Office TV show. And, they’re white!


    And, loud dogs certainly get attention in a neighborhood!

  6. Astroman007 commented on Brewster Rockit 10 days ago

    Yur al write! Watz ridiculuz though is peepul who klaim it uffects spelin skilz — no weigh

  7. Astroman007 commented on Pickles 10 days ago

    I thought the “invisibility cloak” was Earl’s thing—whenever there was a household chore she wanted him to do!

  8. Astroman007 commented on Peanuts 10 days ago

    “why would he not be invited to those places because he had no cap?”

    Because he’s now a member of the Red Cap Club (a subsidiary of the very real Red Hat Club!).

  9. Astroman007 commented on Peanuts 13 days ago

    Perhaps that small boy growing up on a farm in Kansas was Clyde Tombaugh, the discoverer of Pluto!

    By the way, Snoopy, you’re not in a corner at all! (You have a clear view of the world from atop your doghouse!) If a shot ringing out, a maid screaming, a pirate ship suddenly appearing, and a king living in luxury didn’t faze you…then, for sure, it will all come together and the young girl and intern will win out!

    Part III should be even more a page turner…

    Anyone else notice that Snoopy capitalized ALL the letters in his name?!

  10. Astroman007 commented on Peanuts 19 days ago

    “Happy Thanksgiving, Snoopy!”

    Hope you get plenty of under the table handouts and lots of left-overs.