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  1. Astroman007 commented on Peanuts about 19 hours ago

    Wait! “Who’s the Great Pumpkin?” could mean, detective-fashion, who is he, really?

    After all, we’re ruling out that he’s the Head Beagle… and highlighting Linus’s faint-inducing belief that Snoopy’s eerie, ghostlike, shadowy figure is the GP!

    Just wish that the Snoopy visit to the HB had gone on for more days!

  2. Astroman007 commented on Peanuts 5 days ago

    Of course, the key is that the charge involved “pursuing”, not catching! Snoopy loves frolicking with the rabbits, so the Head Beagle may have decided that constituted “pursuing”!

  3. Astroman007 commented on Dilbert Classics 19 days ago

    Bedtime for Bonzo!

    A classic!

  4. Astroman007 commented on Dilbert Classics 29 days ago

    How good is Dilbert at deciphering hand signals and frantic waves, or guessing Charades?!

  5. Astroman007 commented on FoxTrot Classics 29 days ago

    It did, but the early about product placements was spot on!

  6. Astroman007 commented on Pickles 29 days ago

    Proved, but for ear hair?! Too easy to hit the ear and…

  7. Astroman007 commented on For Better or For Worse 29 days ago

    K.C., that’s sweet— and wonderful! Congratulations!

  8. Astroman007 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 29 days ago

    Do we really need macabre, horrific photos posted?!

    We come here to be delighted by the strips; and amused by the comments— not terrified by them! Clever verbiage, not nightmare photos!

  9. Astroman007 commented on Peanuts almost 1 year ago

    Peppermint Patty passed; even carried around her diploma from that school for a while!

  10. Astroman007 commented on Peanuts almost 1 year ago

    Except that he had brought a clock with him to school! :-)