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  1. ekw commented on Real Life Adventures about 5 hours ago

    annnd . . . there appears to be a tiny bit of brain lodged on your skull.

  2. ekw commented on Real Life Adventures 2 days ago

    it’s quite believable when you consider that the typical child is a narcissistic sociopath.

  3. ekw commented on Beardo 3 days ago

    I guess I need to buy an SUV and become a triathlete!

  4. ekw commented on Brewster Rockit 3 days ago

    sure you can. just say the same thing over & over and attack them personally. it’s sure to convince them.

  5. ekw commented on Basic Instructions 4 days ago

    yeah! it’s not like I’m clumsy or accident prone!

  6. ekw commented on Beardo 6 days ago

    this is truly a match made in heck.

  7. ekw commented on The Fusco Brothers 6 days ago

    thanks. I thought I was losing my mind. I even went back a few weeks to check!

    or maybe that’s why Rolf has the exclamation points over his head -
    he’s thinking “who? me?”"
    but then they’d be question marks, I guess.

  8. ekw commented on The Fusco Brothers 7 days ago

    wait, that’s Rolf. I thought Lars was the lawyer?
    or are they both lawyers?
    I thought it was always Lars in the courtroom scenes.

  9. ekw commented on Breaking Cat News 8 days ago

    let’s see if Elvis remembers what he learned with Tommy and applies it to Sir Figaro Newton.

    I’m not holding my breath.

    good heavens, Mister Will ! it’s “clothes” and “chute”.

  10. ekw commented on Beardo 9 days ago

    he acts pretty womanly about birthdays for a guy with a beard!