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  1. ekw commented on Beardo 1 day ago

    it has nothing to do with this strip, but my copy of Touching Evil arrived yesterday along with all the other goodies.
    Great job, Dan!

  2. ekw commented on Real Life Adventures 1 day ago

    at least she said “our son” instead of “your son”

  3. ekw commented on Breaking Cat News 3 days ago

    to gather a swarm of moths?

  4. ekw commented on Real Life Adventures 3 days ago

    and here we are.

  5. ekw commented on One Big Happy 3 days ago

    she calls her other grandmother “Jasmine” ?
    I’m glad Grandma was here to tell me who we were talking about, or I would have thought Jasmine was a kid like Cylene.

  6. ekw commented on Pearls Before Swine 3 days ago

    I suppose this makes no less sense than his usual efforts.

  7. ekw commented on Last Kiss 4 days ago

    that brings back some memories!
    oh, Mostress !

  8. ekw commented on Rabbits Against Magic 5 days ago

    I noticed Lettuce’s nose stripe.
    well done.

  9. ekw commented on Ham Shears 6 days ago

    oh, the life of the perpetual student.

  10. ekw commented on Last Kiss 6 days ago

    oh John – you spelled “Hobbes” wrong.
    for shame, John, for shame!