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  1. slebel commented on Speechless 1 day ago

    It’s the alto line to the hallelujah chorus. Brilliant! and I love the alto clef.

  2. slebel commented on Arlo and Janis 23 days ago

    If you have a smart phone, you already have.

  3. slebel commented on Scott Stantis 24 days ago

    so, who is he?

  4. slebel commented on Lisa Benson 24 days ago

    @balto bill
    No the right hasn’t moved. The Bible used to be the center of our values in this country. When the country discarded those values in the 60’s it started moving so far left that now those values are considered ‘right." And conservatives who were once to the right of the Bible are now considered “extremists.” No the conservative people of this country haven’t moved a whit. It’s the progressives that have swung this country away from the traditional values that made our country the envy of the world. That people still die trying to get here is just a poor commentary on how bad it is elsewhere.

  5. slebel commented on Lisa Benson 24 days ago

    It’s progressiveness that has bankrupted our economy, lost the work on drugs, lost the war on poverty, destroyed ethical behavior, destroyed family values (hello black lives matter?) and this list is just starting. About the only valuable ongoing benefits are a cleaner environment, state and national parks, anti-discrimination laws for minorities and women and what used to be a 40 hour work week.

  6. slebel commented on Gary Varvel about 1 month ago

    patriots…. the yankees of football.

  7. slebel commented on Dan Wasserman about 1 month ago

    Same could be said for Hillary

  8. slebel commented on Monty about 1 month ago

    I can’t stand this character. More Fleshy!

  9. slebel commented on Non Sequitur 2 months ago

    Clinton News Network
    Always Broadcasting Clinton
    Nothing But Clinton
    Clinton Broadcasting Network

    and then there’s Fox.

    4 against 1 and NONE of them are edifying to watch. So stop complaining and stop watching.

  10. slebel commented on Wizard of Id 3 months ago

    and this is the only funnie in my list that has a 9/11 remembrance? SAD!