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  1. slebel commented on Ted Rall 2 days ago

    Let’s see, Hitler’s party was the National Socialist Party. Bernie Sanders has described himself as a National Socialist. (HIS WORDS) and you compare Cruz with Hitler?

  2. slebel commented on Free Range 5 days ago

    he crossed the road to show the possum it can be done!

  3. slebel commented on Jeff Stahler 11 days ago

    I always thought this painting was groteseque, therefore this cartoon is SPOT ON!

  4. slebel commented on Wizard of Id 12 days ago

    The gags are good, but the artwork is too different to be the same characters.

  5. slebel commented on Monty 12 days ago

    welcome to Monty’s life.

  6. slebel commented on Peanuts Begins 30 days ago

    a rare moment of the peanuts gang all in harmony

  7. slebel commented on Wizard of Id about 1 month ago

    when did the “new art” change

  8. slebel commented on Peanuts Begins about 1 month ago

    It still astounds me that Sparky never learned how to read music, yet he copied it for Schroeder so precisely.
    Anyone know what he’s playing today?

  9. slebel commented on Peanuts Begins 2 months ago

    and to think Sparky never learned to read music.

  10. slebel commented on Speechless 2 months ago

    It’s the alto line to the hallelujah chorus. Brilliant! and I love the alto clef.