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  1. slebel commented on Wizard of Id about 11 hours ago


  2. slebel commented on Monty 2 days ago

    common names are genealogist’s nightmare!

  3. slebel commented on WuMo 11 days ago

    me and my RC…..

  4. slebel commented on Monty 11 days ago

    more fleshy, more fleshy, more fleshy

  5. slebel commented on Ziggy 15 days ago

    How about the fact that both left and right lanes lead to the same (wrong) place……..

  6. slebel commented on The Argyle Sweater about 1 month ago

    John Hancock always signed his name big and bold. Not just for the Declaration of Independence, but for deeds of land he bought in Maine.

  7. slebel commented on Free Range about 1 month ago

    Not to be confused with Hell, New Mexico. The town next door prides itself as being hotter than Hell.

  8. slebel commented on Wizard of Id about 1 month ago

    this is one of the best since the new artist took over.

  9. slebel commented on Henry Payne 2 months ago

    this cartoon is just backwards… ryan is powerless

  10. slebel commented on Monty 3 months ago

    Fleshy is the best character in this strip!