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  1. JDWalter commented on Yenny Lopez almost 5 years ago

    can someone tell me why i can’t read any yenny comics before october 2009?

  2. JDWalter commented on Endtown almost 5 years ago

    Wally doesn’t learn much….don’t think he recalls what happened last time he talked other mutants into leaving a live topsider…the guy came after them with a vengence! and one of their own was lost. These two may or may not come after these guys themselves but i have no dout they would go get some more hardened topsiders to do the job for them….problem is, Flask really IS enjoying the killing too much as did these ‘kids’…..doesn’t anyone realize that the bodies may be mutated but the SOUL is still human? Doug obviously didn’t since he didnt consider Holly to be anything but a pathetic object rather than a person yet expected some desperate mercy being a teenager…….and how DOES Flask use that gun anyway???? THAT has to be interesting….bet she was a topsider before some freak accident made her a mutant and she was cast out…..OR she may have been involved with the initial technology used in developing these items not knowing in the future what they would be used for and knows how to override the technology……..so many possibilities!!!

  3. JDWalter commented on Endtown almost 5 years ago

    wow…intense! chill cw its just a comic!……i’m really starting to kinda hate Flask…but that’s part of the point isnt it? Will Wally step up on this one? Can’t imagine him not, Flask caught him off gaurd on the last one…….the point is, Flask is damaged and insane. It’s made her heartless.

  4. JDWalter commented on Endtown about 5 years ago

    What the HELL?? ok, I get that Flask has some past issues and all, but yeah, she definately needs a wake-up call and a sock in the chin from Wally might just do it. If he can take out a Bull he can take her out……and if Petey has any sense left in his detached brain, he might just support him…..I will give Flask a little credit on the shooting earlier…it may have been extremely excessive, but at the same time I get where she was coming from, trying to end the suffering of a child that was caught in a horrible circumstance with most likely no possible hope of “getting better” as Holly put it…..but yes, Holly is right I think…some part of Flask has indeed become a monster….maybe even the very “hatefull” and “bloodlusty” things she is tryiong to fight…..so sad that she has been so damaged herself that she can’t even see it…..

  5. JDWalter commented on Endtown about 5 years ago

    I don’t know where this is going, but the story still has me hooked. Seems Wally and Holly are in for a long ride, whatever happens. I hope they pull through together. They seem like such an endearing couple.

  6. JDWalter commented on Lost Side of Suburbia about 5 years ago

    Also, I’d like to know if I can get any of these stories in books? If you have any available please let me know, I would love to buy them!

  7. JDWalter commented on Lost Side of Suburbia about 5 years ago

    I really do get the biggest kick out of your stories! These are great; creative, creepy and funny. I’m just getting into this one and I cant wait to see what happens and what weird creatures come up. Keep up the good work!

  8. JDWalter commented on Endtown over 5 years ago

    I’m really enjoying this comic. Love a good sci-fi, and the human/animal mutants are a fun twist. A good story really does it for me though. Really excited to see where all of this goes….