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  1. RussHeim commented on Brevity 2 days ago

    He’s not an amateur biscus. He’s a probiscus.

  2. RussHeim commented on Brevity about 1 month ago

    I can’t stomach stomach stomach stomach cow puns.

  3. RussHeim commented on Frazz 4 months ago

    Remember – don’t feed the trolls. Let them die of starvation.

  4. RussHeim commented on Frazz 10 months ago

    And who, exactly, cares? Besides you, I mean?

  5. RussHeim commented on Pearls Before Swine 11 months ago

    Is he strong? Listen bud, he’s got . . . ZZZZ

  6. RussHeim commented on Brevity about 1 year ago

    They say you can’t tell just by looking at someone that they’re gay. But Buzz is definitely not a straight razor.

  7. RussHeim commented on Frazz about 1 year ago

    “Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this sun of York . . . " – First line of Richard III

  8. RussHeim commented on Frazz about 1 year ago

    Of COURSE someone could be confused. I mean, both covers have palm(-like) trees . . .

  9. RussHeim commented on Frank & Ernest about 1 year ago

    This strip really struck a chord with me.

  10. RussHeim commented on Diamond Lil about 1 year ago

    I’m glad to see Lil’s color has returned – she was looking kinda pale these last few days . . .