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  1. Strod commented on FoxTrot Classics 1 day ago

    The iguana is actually a positive thing about him.

  2. Strod commented on Bloom County 2016 3 days ago

    McKenna: It’s nice to see a guy in touch with his feminine side.
    Tucker: Oh believe me, if I HAD a feminine side I’d never stop touching it.

  3. Strod commented on Arlo and Janis 3 days ago

    Shrimp exploitation!

  4. Strod commented on Monty 4 days ago

    Yes, sir, it is Alexandre Dumas’ birthday indeed. Thanks for the very timely tip!
    And now that you mention his birth name, let’s not forget that he is also known as “Alexandre Dumas, père” (that’s “father” or “Senior”) to tell him apart from his son, the Alexandre Dumas, fils, (son/Jr) who wrote The Lady of the Camellias.

  5. Strod commented on Big Nate 4 days ago

    When was that shown?
    It wasn’t shown. You are supposed to infer it when Nate says “We ran out of your stuff, so I’m using mine”.

  6. Strod commented on Big Nate 4 days ago

    But Peter is saying that it “smells funny” in the first panel. So, the depletion had to have occurred between strips, not panels.

    You are right!  The depletion happened before this strip started. (Although that is a fairly minor point for understanding the strip.)

  7. Strod commented on Calvin and Hobbes 4 days ago

    Wait… isn’t “humongous slider” an oxymoron?

  8. Strod commented on Bloom County 2016 4 days ago

    Wait… it’s not Steve Dallas who is being replaced by Stevie in the reboot… it’s Milquetoast!
    This isn’t just gender reversal, but something much more deep and disturbing!

  9. Strod commented on Big Nate 5 days ago

    Each boy had his own bottle of sunscreen. Nate’s has cocoa butter, but Peter’s didn’t.
    The problem is that they ran out of Peter’s stuff between the first and the second panel, so Nate started to apply his own stuff on Peter.

  10. Strod commented on Calvin and Hobbes 6 days ago

    Cool! I learned something today, thanks to you!
    So there is not only Hammertime, but also Hammerspace. Well, it does make sense… I think…