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  1. Strod commented on One Big Happy about 15 hours ago

    There’s still the possibility that is not Ninja Kitty, but another cat.
    Ruthie does ask Willie “Why don’t you ever bark like that at Ninja Kitty?” And we know why: NK is vicious and little Willie is kind of wimp. That suggests that perhaps Willie was barking at that crazy little cat because he doesn’t find him/her very threatening, unlike NK. And if Rick Detorie actually meant it to be NK it would have been more effective and dramatic to just show his claw.
    Hopefully tomorrow we will learn the identity of the cat, NK or otherwise.

  2. Strod commented on HUBRIS! 1 day ago

    Evil Elf is Evil.

  3. Strod commented on One Big Happy 4 days ago

    Huh. On both today’s classic OBH strip and on the new one at creators.com we have the frequent skit where dad asks Joe to spell, Joe asks to use in a sentence, Ruthie intervenes with a punny example.

  4. Strod commented on Big Nate 4 days ago

    Ok, we all have to admit that this is awesome!

  5. Strod commented on Stone Soup 7 days ago

    Not such a big deal when both of them have hot dog breath.

  6. Strod commented on Cow and Boy Classics 7 days ago

    He, does, He, does.

  7. Strod commented on The Fusco Brothers 8 days ago

    So… the interrobang is a standard unicode character‽

  8. Strod commented on Get Fuzzy 9 days ago

    Oh, God, I just realized that Bucky is @ Nabuquduriuzhur!

  9. Strod commented on Over the Hedge 11 days ago

    Verne dances?
    Yes. At night. In his dreams. With an imaginary friend.

  10. Strod commented on One Big Happy 11 days ago

    Re: today’s strip at Creators or Arcamax:
    My dictionary also says that the origin of the name is “probably because the fruits grow in clusters.”
    But that doesn’t make any sense. All citruses I know, which are at least 10 or more, grow in “clusters”, at least as much as grapefruits do.
    In fact, the grapefruit is a hybrid of pomelo and sweet orange, and of course both of those grow in clusters (again, at leas as much as grapefruits).