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  1. Strod commented on Non Sequitur about 8 hours ago

    That reminded me of this article I read three years ago in the NY Times. It’s about an artist whose “installation” was a complete elegant dinner composed of dishes made with rat meat.
    The dishes were carefully designed and prepared by a professional chef. The meat came from an approved processor that raises, sacrifices, flash-freezes and sells the rodents as food (for snakes), so those rats were probably healthier than most of us and most of the animals we eat. All the people that assisted knew perfectly well that they were eating fancy dishes prepared with rat meat.
    Apparently the dishes were delicious. The article includes a recipe for rat braise.
    None of the dishes called specifically for rat’s patoot, though.

  2. Strod commented on FoxTrot Classics about 8 hours ago

    A switch from T-Rex to triceratops? There’s no way that wasn’t intentional.

  3. Strod commented on Get Fuzzy about 20 hours ago

    What I’m saying is that none of the unemployment statistics are calculated by just looking at the lists of people filing for unemployment; it’s far more complicated than that.
    Now, I’m sorry for you and I apologize if you feel offended. But, guess what: There have always been people like you that are forced to abandon the workforce and therefore have never been counted in the U-3 rate. Not under this administration, nor under any of the previous ones.
    But you are counted in the U-4 to U-6 measures. Unfortunately those have only been measured since 1994 and are therefore useless when trying to understand the current situation compared to the years before 1994. For that, the U-3 is the best we can have.

  4. Strod commented on Monty about 20 hours ago

    That’s what I understood, but I don’t see any mention of Monty or E.B. in the Suspiciously Similar Substitute TV Tropes page.

  5. Strod commented on FoxTrot Classics about 21 hours ago

    True. That’s because the crosshatching pattern is placed there by the original artist, in this case Bill Amend, as part of the original, B&W art.
    The color in the dailies is usually added by a different person, a “colorist” hired by the syndicate.
    So it appears that B.A. made a small mistake that the colorist caught, but it was too late to fix completely.

  6. Strod commented on Get Fuzzy 1 day ago

    Now, what @puggles is describing isn’t U-6 either. It’s just a figment of his imagination.

  7. Strod commented on Get Fuzzy 1 day ago

    He lives in Oregon, where the U-3 unemployment rate (the measure that has always been used officially) is 5.3%. But dear old @Nabu doesn’t let facts affect his misinformed comments.

  8. Strod commented on Over the Hedge 1 day ago

    So… should we assume that a week of Hammyness awaits us?
    Mmmkay. Cool.

  9. Strod commented on Over the Hedge 1 day ago

    Mmmm…. Must have.

  10. Strod commented on Monty 1 day ago

    Monty entry?
    Anyway, I agree with you. EB is filling the place of Robotman.
    I think I read somewhere that Jim Meddick doesn’t have the rights to the Robotman character (Robotman was handed to him by the syndicate, unlike Monty and the others who were created by Meddick). That would explain why he came up with a totally new character instead of simply bringing Robotman back when he wanted to.