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  1. Senex commented on Get Fuzzy about 5 hours ago

    Diane did explain, above.

  2. Senex commented on Luann about 6 hours ago

    Yes, as I’ve suggested several times before. They could both use the experience.

  3. Senex commented on Drabble 1 day ago

    Most people are on fixed incomes. Before I retired I got a fixed amount every two weeks. Now that I am retired, I still get a fixed amount, it’s just fixed a lot lower.

  4. Senex commented on Wizard of Id Classics 2 days ago

    Prince Valspar will give the Black Knight a good shellacking.

  5. Senex commented on In the Bleachers 3 days ago

    Camden Yards?

  6. Senex commented on Luann 3 days ago

    I still think they could be friends with benefits, until the right others come along.

  7. Senex commented on Luann 3 days ago

    Chekov’s text?

  8. Senex commented on The Elderberries 5 days ago

    There’s an empty hangar in my closet tonight
    Since you took the shirt off my back

  9. Senex commented on On A Claire Day 6 days ago

    Driven by Calpurnia only on the Ides.

  10. Senex commented on Red and Rover 8 days ago

    I was at a boys’ school. We “knew” what the mystery meat was for!