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  1. Bill Golden commented on Pat Oliphant about 4 years ago

    This is a great insult to crocodiles, gorillas and the rest of the bunch. They wouldn’t be caught dead in the company of those 2 idiots.

  2. Bill Golden commented on Chris Britt about 4 years ago

    RIGHT! Morty. Curiosity is armed to the teeth. He (a female would be named Ms Curiosity) also has a hunting license .

  3. Bill Golden commented on Glenn McCoy about 4 years ago

    Not that it has anything with the cartoon, but the largest KKK organization was in the state of Indiana. The last time I checked Indiana was NOT a southern state. Yankees up north just love to finger point at the south as the source of trouble for America. If the war of northern aggression had been won by the south I bet they would still be bothering us for one reason or another.

  4. Bill Golden commented on Jim Morin about 4 years ago

    Chick-fil-A’s CEO has a big mouth. Blowing off about such things as social issues is NOT good for business! Somebody is going to be pissed. Somebody is going to think you’re God’s gift to earth. It’s divisive . Anyway you go you’re losing customers. I bet his ad agency is pulling their hair out. As far as Boston, It’s a very liberal city. The majority most likely backs the decision. So What! Build your chicken sandwich stand outside the city limits.
    Bill Golden

  5. Bill Golden commented on Walt Handelsman about 4 years ago

    Gimme a stick! Let’s beat this dead horse some more.
    Bill Golden

  6. Bill Golden commented on Walt Handelsman over 4 years ago

    “When there’s lead in the air,there’s hope in the heart.” NO! This is NOT a NRA quote. It’s a policeman’s quote. This whole thing hinges on protection. Just like drugs & alcohol you can not legislate guns off the planet. There are enough AK-47s in existence for every man, woman & child on Earth to own one. (Yea! Fully automatic, big clips and all.)
    Bill Golden

  7. Bill Golden commented on Glenn McCoy over 4 years ago

    Having been a television producer for many years, show me a TV camera with a personalty standing in front of it and the reverse shot will show a teleprompter. The president, news castor or a Muppet character a prompter is there. You just SEE the president’s. Come-On people there’s a lot more to worry about this election than teleprompter use

    Bill Golden

  8. Bill Golden commented on Mike Luckovich over 4 years ago

    Gun control is a joke like Prohibition & the war on drugs. If crooks want guns they can get guns. (yea, assault guns too) It will only be law abiding people with out protection. You can’t outlaw the nuts either. Come on folks that idiot in Colorado even had grenades. Were in the heck did he get those? They ARE outlawed. Just goes to show that a determined crook or crazy can get their hands on just about any kind of explosive, incendiary, gun, bioweapon or any other nasty their little black heart desires.

    Bill Golden

  9. Bill Golden commented on Glenn McCoy over 4 years ago

    I’m a woodworker. I didn’t know that the Koch brothers owned Georgia Pacific. I’ll try to never use their products again.

  10. Bill Golden commented on Pickles over 4 years ago

    WERE THE HELL ARE MY COMICS ????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!