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  1. comics for fun commented on Frazz 4 days ago

    It helps if you follow Jef and Frazz on facebook:

    My first exposure to the word “nerd” was verbal, so I was left on my own to try and guess how it was spelled. I guessed wrong, and to this day I still think it would be a more effective word spelled “nurd.” If you think that’s dumb (and if you’re fine with judging a 4th-grader that harshly, you heartless scoundrel), my friend Curt saw what I was doing and reassured me as only a 4th-grade boy can: “Yeah, that makes sense. Like ‘turd’.” This was another news bulletin, as I thought that was spelled “tyrd,” which is even stranger than Nurd with a U when you consider the word is as often as not joined up with “bird” and its own workable vowel. Why didn’t I assume it was spelled “tird”? I may have been thinking of the Polar explorer Adm. Richard Byrd, who I knew about, but definitely not the band The Byrds, which I didn’t. And now you have a better idea of what I was like as a 4th-grader and possibly why I grew up without a whole lot of career options besides the comics.We’ll note that neo-geezer Jef logs unplanned rest days (actually, they’re all unplanned; I haven’t scheduled one in years, as life keeps me amply, if arbitrarily, supplied) as GURDS, but this is the comics, and a little bit of scatology is just right. Add in blasphemy and it all falls apart. It’s the truth. You have my wurd."

  2. comics for fun commented on Get Fuzzy about 1 month ago

    New “daily” comics this week!

  3. comics for fun commented on Frazz about 1 month ago

    Why does he take her hat while they are running?

  4. comics for fun commented on The Argyle Sweater about 1 year ago

    Toronto Raptors!

  5. comics for fun commented on Calvin and Hobbes almost 2 years ago

    Instead of “ohh hahh”, think of Darth Vader breathing through his mask. In this case, Calvin through the gear.

  6. comics for fun commented on Frazz almost 2 years ago

    I don’t think that is the Space Needle in the background. Likely a more common, conventional water tower.

  7. comics for fun commented on Frazz about 2 years ago

    Jim Fixx used running to turn his life around after years of smoking and no exercise, then outlived the other males in his direct family where there was a sad history of heart attacks. Also some evidence that he ignored early signs of heart issues, perhaps believing that his running protected him from his past and genetics. Not as simple as “too much running” killed him.

  8. comics for fun commented on Frazz over 2 years ago

    I think you mean 12 minutes per mile. 12 miles per hour is near world class.

  9. comics for fun commented on WuMo over 2 years ago

    James F. Fixx, whose book “The Complete Book or Running” helped popularize running for the average person, died far too young at the age of 52 of a heart attack, but you have to put it into context. His family had a history of heart trouble and he lived longer than his father and brothers, all of whom dies of heart disease. not fair or complete to suggest that “jogging” killed him.

  10. comics for fun commented on WuMo almost 3 years ago

    Sorry, I don’t see a corkscrew either.