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  1. DeeBeeS commented on Doonesbury 29 days ago


    It wasn’t Pat Morita, and it wasn’t on Happy days. It was an Isuzu (remember them) car commercial.

    An Anglo customer has trouble pronouncing the word Isuzu. The Japanese-American salesman tries everthing to get him to pronounce it right; from slowly-repeat-after-me to finally manipulating his lips while getting him to pronounce it right is the highlight of the bit (it’s all very funny).

    After the voice-over talks about the features of the car, the commerical ends with the buyer signing the deal while the salesman says “It’s okay, kid, I can’t pronounce Chevroray.”

  2. DeeBeeS commented on Doonesbury 11 months ago

    I know it’s old hat and a bit off topic from the strip, but I still wonder what John saw in Yoko. As an “artist” she …. well… sucks! (IMHO)

    No one in the art world thinks much of her creations. I only heard of one gallery that carried her work (don’t know if it still does); and she hasn’t had a major installation in years.

    About her personality, I can only go with what I’ve been told from the several people I know who have met her: She thinks she’s royalty because of her association with John Lennon. “She’s really boring” is a common comment.

    A mystery about that relationship. Either he really liked her (to each his own, I guess), or their relationship was one long “shock gimmick” like the in-bed press conference they gavel; and the nude album/poster cover they did – maybe the whole relationship thing was her idea of “art.”

  3. DeeBeeS commented on Doonesbury 11 months ago

    I like the way her right “decolletage” slips out in panel 4.

  4. DeeBeeS commented on Doonesbury 12 months ago

    So why is he laying face down on HIS side of the bed?

  5. DeeBeeS commented on Doonesbury over 1 year ago

    To those who believe you are going to die on the 21st:

    Can I have your car?

  6. DeeBeeS commented on Doonesbury almost 2 years ago

    Just thought of another thing about the oil.

    Without compensation to the U.S. government, oil leaving the ports of Houston or Galveston could be barred from entering U.S. ports. No European or Asian country (except for, maybe, China) would recognize the Republic of Texas or face the wrath of the U.S. Oil tankers shipped to China would be cost prohibitive for China.

    That would leave the Republic of Texas only one outlet to Asian markets: sending oil through a pipeline in …… wait for it…… Mexico! (Santa Ana, call your agent!)

  7. DeeBeeS commented on Doonesbury almost 2 years ago

    To those who argue that Texas, after secession, would “keep their oil”, i.e., as a leveraged asset to gouge the U.S. as a major revenue source – remember that almost ALL of the oil wells in Texas are on federal land LEASED by the U.S. government. Upon secession, Texas would have to remove all their oil wells, pumping stations, storage tanks and pipelines.

    Of course they could pay the U.S. government compesation but, then, the U.S. government would set the price for said compensation.

    Look who would gouge whom!

  8. DeeBeeS commented on Doonesbury almost 2 years ago

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the best parts:

    All Texians need a visa to enter the U.S., provided the U.S. grants such visas. All vehicular traffict to the U.S. (trucks, trains, busses, cars and airplanes) stopped and refused entry “until further notice.”

    Illegals will be rounded up and imprisoned or re-patriateed to the Repbulic of Texas as “undesireables.”

    All commecial business between the Republic of Texas and the U.S. is forbidden pending an economic treaty between the two entities.

    All sporting events between any teams at any level (professional sports, college, etc.) and comparable teams in the U.S. are canceled until further notice.

    And best of all (drum roll, please)…… the U.S declares it will not defend Texas from any effort by Mexico to take back land now knows as the Repubic of Texas!!

  9. DeeBeeS commented on Doonesbury almost 2 years ago

    Let’s see what the consequences are for secession (armed response aside…….. for the moment):

    All federal military bases close and all personnel moved to the other 49 states.

    All Social Security checks stopped at once.

    All Medicaid payments to Texas stopped.

    All college loans backed by federal loan guarantees called in for full payment at once.

    All monies for infrasturctures (highways, roads, bridges, etc.) stopped all at once.

    All educationsl financial support funds from the federal government to the state for colleges, and public education at all levels immediately stopped.

    All Medicare payments to Texas doctors stopped at once.

    All savings bonds held by Texans labled as “junk status”; i.e., cannot be traded or sold due to lack of an economic coopertation treaty between the new “Republic of Texas” and the U.S.

    All research and other grants to Texas universities stopped and recalled by the federal government.

    All commercial traffic coming to the U.S. through the port of Houston to be refused at the port, pending any economic treaty between Texas and U.S.

    Sales of all commodities (cotton, wheat, soybeans, etc.) to the U.S. stopped at once pending same economic treaty.

    All U.S. government property in Texas (Natinal parks, military basis, national forests, etc., etc.,) closed to “foreigners” i.e, Texans.

    The list goes on and on, but you get the idea.

    Be careful what you wish for Texians, you might just get it!!

  10. DeeBeeS commented on Doonesbury almost 2 years ago

    Duke’s not keeping him. GT is.
    Like a lot of other “occasional” characters (Bernie, Honey, Phred, et. al.) Trff will now come and go. New blood in occasional characters is what makes this long running strip current (see Becca)