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  1. laughsforme commented on Get Fuzzy 2 days ago

    The last panel made today’s cartoon …. perfect, Darby!

  2. laughsforme commented on Non Sequitur 2 days ago

    They are called Republicans. The world is not, nor ever has been, as they see it.

  3. laughsforme commented on Frank & Ernest 2 days ago

    No, Aquaman is there for self-image issues…..being as he is the lamest superhero in the comics.

  4. laughsforme commented on Garfield 2 days ago

    It’s the breaker, Jon …….

  5. laughsforme commented on FoxTrot 2 days ago

    I can understand them watching “Game Of Thrones” easier than I can understand anyone watching “The Walking Dead” ….gad, what a waste of time the zombie craze is.

  6. laughsforme commented on The Born Loser 2 days ago

    Actually, the comparison is between one’s sum of knowledge vs useful knowledge. The caveman had knowledge useful to his own existence, and would be near helpless in today’s world. Modern man’s knowledge benefits him now (if he uses it correctly) but he would also still survive to some extent in the caveman’s world ….. at least, up to the point that it becomes necessary to run for his life (a large part of our population being not fit enough to do so).

  7. laughsforme commented on Garfield 9 days ago

    Why is Liz with Jon, again?

  8. laughsforme commented on Get Fuzzy 10 days ago

    It is sad what Republicans see as desirable….first Palin, now Trump…..

  9. laughsforme commented on Ziggy 10 days ago

    Gee, thanks, I was eating breakfast.

  10. laughsforme commented on Get Fuzzy 11 days ago

    Thank-you! You saved me the trouble, and said it much more politely!