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  1. Goblinopolis commented on The Humble Stumble 22 days ago

    Blessed is the master whose pupil outmatches him.

  2. Goblinopolis commented on Green Humour 22 days ago

    Best scientific name ever: Upupa epops.

  3. Goblinopolis commented on Glasbergen Cartoons 22 days ago

    If he were calling Psychics-R-Us they wouldn’t need to ask.

  4. Goblinopolis commented on From the Mo Willems Sketchbook 22 days ago

    I went into a restaurant that habitually offered paper tablecloths and crayons for patrons. I’d had a long day, and I thought I’d leave them a piece of art as therapy. There were no crayons on my table, so I snagged a nearby box and created rather a nice doodle. As I was finishing up I realized that this tablecloth was linen, not paper—which explained the absence of crayons. Fortunately, I was able to hide drawing under a plate. At least I left a larger-than-normal tip.

  5. Goblinopolis commented on Frog Applause 22 days ago

    Not a single Monty Python and the Holy Grail credits reference. What have we become?

  6. Goblinopolis commented on Eric the Circle 22 days ago

    Math is integral to this strip.

  7. Goblinopolis commented on Deep Dark Fears 22 days ago

    I had a black and white photo of my grandparents at the foot of my bed as a child. When I stared at it, their lips began to move. I could never quite discern what they were trying to say.

  8. Goblinopolis commented on Heathcliff 26 days ago

    Take Kan Down.

  9. Goblinopolis commented on Haiku Ewe 26 days ago

    I prefer Lego.

  10. Goblinopolis commented on The Elderberries 26 days ago

    Old joke.