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  1. Goblinopolis commented on From the Mo Willems Sketchbook about 1 month ago

    Wizard of Id Crossing Ahead

  2. Goblinopolis commented on For Heaven's Sake about 1 month ago

    A complete unknown.

  3. Goblinopolis commented on Clear Blue Water about 1 month ago

    There is an excellent compilation album called “Goin’ South.” If you like Southern Rock, I heartily recommend it.

  4. Goblinopolis commented on The City about 1 month ago

    I recently discovered that knee socks stay up better. I’m 58. It must be an aging thing.

  5. Goblinopolis commented on Bloom County 2015 about 1 month ago

    How many times can you recycle the same joke?

  6. Goblinopolis commented on Bushy Tales 3 months ago

    I miss Herr Deutschendorf.

  7. Goblinopolis commented on Bloom County 2015 3 months ago

    You’d think he would have learned the first time this happened.

  8. Goblinopolis commented on Arlo and Janis 3 months ago

    The human capacity for compassion and altruism is exceeded only by our capacity for blind destruction and short-sighted promotion of our own interests at the expense of everything else on the planet. I suppose one might find some manner of balance in that.

  9. Goblinopolis commented on Angry Little Girls 3 months ago

    Ethics are character traits displayed by people who agree with you.

  10. Goblinopolis commented on Li'l Abner 3 months ago

    I know this question gets asked periodically, but since there is never a satisfactory answer, I’ll throw it out again. Li’l Abner ran for 43 years. Why do we keep getting the same few months’ worth of storylines over and over and over? Is it some sort of licensing issue?