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Pibgorn by Brooke McEldowney


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  1. Goblinopolis commented on Ink Pen 8 days ago

    His helm isn’t even Victorian. It’s more like he hollowed out a giant deceased beetle with a couple legs missing.

  2. Goblinopolis commented on In the Bleachers 8 days ago

    At that height the three-point line should be right under the hoop.

  3. Goblinopolis commented on Herb and Jamaal 8 days ago

    I would like to point out, however, that because women are genetically primed for labor their pain tolerance is necessarily higher than that of males.

  4. Goblinopolis commented on Heart of the City 8 days ago

    The last excerpt from Requiem seques into Atmosphères, which accompanies Dave Bowman’s descent into the star gate generated by the monolith prior to the Baroque bedroom scene.

  5. Goblinopolis commented on Half Full 8 days ago

    Flirting with disaster.

  6. Goblinopolis commented on Flo and Friends 8 days ago

    “…talking to yourself…gets terribly boring because half the time you know what you’re going to say next.”
    —Douglas Adams

  7. Goblinopolis commented on Family Tree 8 days ago

    C’est cochonneries.

  8. Goblinopolis commented on Dude and Dude 8 days ago

    I think he’s called Lefty because he consists solely of a left forearm and hand.

  9. Goblinopolis commented on Drive 8 days ago

    Kellett’s been one of my favorites for a long time. ‘Sheldon’ is in my top ten strips, in fact.

  10. Goblinopolis commented on Committed 8 days ago

    Caveat: Mythbusters really don’t use very rigorous processes in their “mythbusting.” A lot of it is just data manipulation. In the end, it’s only entertainment, not science.