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  2. Zigman commented on Human Cull 2 days ago

    But it’s amazing how much gets tossed due to unrealistic expiration dates on packaging. I work at my churches food pantry, and we check dates on everything, usually throwing out 25% of donations. If something is lessthan a year over its date we put it on our “Take at your own discretion” cart.

  3. Zigman commented on Human Cull 5 days ago

    I actually liked working on the holidays, because the boss wasn’t there to annoy me. Turn the radio a little louder, work at my own pace, enjoy my lunch, yep, it was good.

  4. Zigman commented on Pearls Before Swine 5 days ago

    “Did we say Elves? We meant Enforcers.”

  5. Zigman commented on Poptropica 5 days ago

    And they can read year old magazines while waiting.

  6. Zigman commented on Human Cull 7 days ago

    Or smash your Halloween pumpkins.

  7. Zigman commented on Random Acts of Nancy 14 days ago

    First place in the “Pruneface impersonator” competition.

  8. Zigman commented on Human Cull 14 days ago

    I got the dirty look from someone when I put my backpack in the bin above my seat. They got angry and asked where they should put their bag, I just said “in the bin over your own seat” which was empty at that time. The wife really expected me to answer differently.

  9. Zigman commented on Buni 14 days ago

    Buni ripped him a new one!

  10. Zigman commented on Human Cull 19 days ago

    Or that simply get the smoothies and think they’ll get thin.