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  1. Zigman commented on Owlturd about 19 hours ago

    Accept the sadness, embrace it, and move on past and through it.

  2. Zigman commented on Human Cull about 19 hours ago

    The next offender – The people responsible for the same annoying commercials at every break.(Sometimes twice in the same ad break!)

  3. Zigman commented on Human Cull 4 days ago

    Is Alex on vacation?

  4. Zigman commented on Scenes from a Multiverse 4 days ago

    Are there any kegs of beer that need draining? My drinking arm feels fine.

  5. Zigman commented on Zen Pencils 7 days ago

    @Night-Gaunt – I accidentally left a buddy of mine on the floor of the local mall after he ran up and grabbed my shoulder from behind. He thought it would be funny, not so much when reflex drove my elbow into his midsection. He rethinks his actions now.

  6. Zigman commented on Tough Town 9 days ago

    He’s all wet.

  7. Zigman commented on Random Acts of Nancy 13 days ago

    Inspiriring the curly fry.

  8. Zigman commented on Pop Culture Shock Therapy 13 days ago

    He got creamed!

  9. Zigman commented on Owlturd 15 days ago

    The revenge of the dinosaurs.

  10. Zigman commented on Tough Town 15 days ago

    Weird Al is awesome. Twisted, but awesome. And now I have “My baby’s in love with Eddie Vedder” stuck in my brain.