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  1. opus41 commented on Oyster War about 2 years ago

    @ K M
    Targeting something of substance is required – - – it’s a contact fuze; if it runs up on the sand, nothing happens. Gotta hit something hard to go off

  2. opus41 commented on Robert Ariail over 2 years ago


    I think that the breakup of black families comes from the Section-8 welfare requirement that there cannot be a “man,” (adult male) live-in in the house. Such circumstance negates the welfare benefits; the idea behind that is that the male should be working to provide for the family. All to often, only the female works, and the “man” doesn’t do much at all except live off of the rental & EBT assistance provided the “needy” family. I know. Inglewood, CA.

  3. opus41 commented on Oyster War over 2 years ago

    re Heraclitus’ quote, I believe that it should read:
    “Nothing ENDURES but change.”
    A disappointing typo from you, Mr. Towle.

  4. opus41 commented on Glenn McCoy over 2 years ago

    @dtroutma: Yes, but "eight years of “W” is done, over , gone. All we can do is learn to watch and try to avoid this kind of imperious action by a President by not voting for, or supporting, such egoists. The current PotUS is a prime example. What did you expect after all? Have you followed this President’s actions with an open mind? Step back, wipe your eyes and look again at what he has been doing.
    As to the “biggest con” I agree with you as to to that also, but remember that that was done to ensure the election of LBJ (read Caro’s biography).
    It seems to me that your complaints are one-sided. All McCoy is doing is illustrating this Imperial President’s actions. Sad.

  5. opus41 commented on Chuck Asay almost 4 years ago

    Hear! Hear!

    Simple reasoning, but apparently beyond the ability of those with a social agenda.