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  1. thehag commented on Non Sequitur 2 days ago

    No! I like Lola and Charlie.

  2. thehag commented on Brevity 2 days ago

    Parking tickets? No, reckless driving citation and she steps in dog doo repeatedly.

  3. thehag commented on Break of Day 2 days ago

    I use the same word for junk mail and what flies seem to love. Garbage, yes, but also S- – -.

  4. thehag commented on The Bent Pinky 4 days ago


  5. thehag commented on Brewster Rockit 6 days ago

    I am almost embarrassed to admit I remember Manimal, but, he was tall, dark and handsome.

  6. thehag commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 8 days ago

    Not so great if you want to grow anything there.

  7. thehag commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken 8 days ago

    Hilarious and gross!

  8. thehag commented on Overboard 9 days ago

    One of my dogs loved chasing anything. Skunks were not exception and the spray only a momentary deterrent. Always kept plenty of peroxide, baking soda and detergent in the house to make ‘nasty smells removal paste’. And soda water in the car for temporary odor remover.

  9. thehag commented on Non Sequitur 9 days ago

    I like it this way and thought it was on purpose for the dream. Disappointed that it isn’t.
    Love Lola in the last panel!

  10. thehag commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 9 days ago

    Exactly what I was thinking. These are dogs, they love smelly stuff.