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  1. thehag commented on The Martian Confederacy 1 day ago

    Okay I’ll wait for the next. I guess it all was resolved….sorta.

  2. thehag commented on Barney & Clyde 2 days ago


  3. thehag commented on Overboard 5 days ago


  4. thehag commented on Last Kiss 5 days ago

    also the 2nd, 3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th and 8th!

  5. thehag commented on Heart, Brain and Soul 5 days ago

    My heart loves this, My brain says that cut flowers very rarely root and grow. My soul says the seed may scatter and come up next season.

  6. thehag commented on Frog Applause 5 days ago

    I was in a hurry to let the dogs in and got my big toe caught in the shoelaces, tried to shake shoe off and not only broke the toe but damn near ripped it off. didn’t notice it was bleeding until the dogs started sniffing at the pool on the floor. I remember being upset that they wouldn’t lick it up for me. Now have two very different looking big toes but at least I still have two.

  7. thehag commented on F Minus 5 days ago

    Or Corn Nuts!

  8. thehag commented on Bliss 5 days ago

    I know what they are doing is ‘slap hands’ but

    Man I loved Kung Fu the TV show. This is the intro.


    the pebble thing is at-
    .34 as a youngster and again at 1:43" time for you to leave."

  9. thehag commented on Stone Soup 6 days ago

    Ugh carob is disgusting! Not anything resembling chocolate.

  10. thehag commented on Stone Soup 6 days ago

    Chocolate is not necessarily about the sweet. Some of us like it best with very little sugar. 70-80% cocoa solids is great!