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  1. Jason Miller GoComics Pro Member commented on Ask a Cat over 1 year ago

    My friend found out he is allergic to cats that have fur. Some breeds have hair. He was not allergic to those. Check the internet for those breeds and hold one to find out. He has had one foe a few years now with no problem. I think it is a Siamese.

  2. Jason Miller GoComics Pro Member commented on Daddy's Home about 3 years ago

    My grandchildren do my lawn. They love taking turns on the rider mower.

  3. Jason Miller GoComics Pro Member commented on Jeff Danziger about 3 years ago

    All I know is, I am perfectly happy with my present health care plan and service. I do not need the government to tell me what I should buy or even that I must buy any at all. I cannot believe so many people are OK with their government making them buy a retail product. Until the government takes it over, health care insurance is nothing more than a retail product. I’m not OK with that. It’s bad enough they made me pay into Social Security and then told me they were only going to pay me half because I got another job that paid a pension. That pension, by the way, was also my own money but they did not care. It was a pension so I still got cut in half. Now they want to control my health care! No way. The shaft keeps getting longer. The best way to stop all this madness is at the polls. The last I heard our government was still supposed to be By The People, For The People. If they want to fix the health care system, let them get the CEOs from some of the biggest hospitals and the CEOs of the biggest health care insurance companies in a joint conference and talk it out. Let the people actually involved make the decision on how to fix their own system. Our politicians do not have a clue. Why should they? They have their own system that is WAY better than anything we could ever get.

  4. Jason Miller GoComics Pro Member commented on Twaggies over 3 years ago

    Wow! Good thing my kids did not see the cartoons today. I never expected to see that in My Comics. It would have been just as funny without the language. There was something in there yesterday also that surprised me also. Is this what we have become? We have to swear to be funny? How sad.

  5. Jason Miller GoComics Pro Member commented on Ben Sargent over 3 years ago

    How about we go after the real problem here. The government has closed down most of the mental health facilities and all the nut cases are now walking among us. We need to get them out of the general population so they cannot do things like this. Please don’t come up with “If there were no guns, they would not be able to do anything” reply. If that were the case, they would be making bombs. Some have already done that. After all, bombs will kill more people and destroy more property at one time than any gun. It’s a nut jobs dream weapon. Take away all the guns and they will find something else to kill with. We need to take THEM away.

  6. Jason Miller GoComics Pro Member commented on Real Life Adventures about 4 years ago

    Is this one of those things I’m supposed to hold my phone up to to read it?