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  1. Respectful Troll commented on Jerry Holbert 18 days ago

    I appreciate you, Radish.

  2. Respectful Troll commented on Jim Morin 18 days ago

    Denis, as far as I recall, unemployment numbers have NEVER counted those who have ceased looking for work, only those who are actively searching or are on unemployment. I remember when I first heard about this during the Reagan administration and thought it was odd that they wouldn’t count people who wanted to work but had just stopped looking. A recent report on NPR said many of those not looking for work simply can’t afford to. Students who can ‘t find work in their fields, not just English majors and humanities students, and middle aged people, mostly men, who are overqualified for the positions available in their areas and they can’t move to another area because they can’t sell their houses or other reasons/excuses.
    People are easily duped, but only if they fail to dig into the sources of information and the objectivity, or lack thereof, of those sources.

  3. Respectful Troll commented on Jim Morin 18 days ago

    roflmao, Neocon.
    Have dessert on me. ;)

  4. Respectful Troll commented on Jim Morin 18 days ago

    Any organization that supports the opinion of a political party is praised and quoted as the last and best word on that topic. If that same organization fails to support that same party, or worse, refutes the claims and positions of that party, it is vilified as a tool of the opposition that deserves defunding and its management fired and if possible, prosecuted for misleading the public.
    2+2=4 ONLY if it suits an agenda. Otherwise, 2+2= X, and the value of x is decided by big money and political donors.

  5. Respectful Troll commented on Clay Jones 18 days ago

    In the case of the Ebola victim, isn’t the ‘border’ at the Dallas Airport?
    The hospital where the man went recorded that he had recently been to West Africa, but doctors missed that information. The hospital has lost federal funding because of other mistakes it has made.
    The apartment where the man was staying was not secured and cleaned by haz mat workers or medical professionals nor were the people with whom he lived quarantined until days later.
    Mr. Perry can’t be blamed for these mistakes, but he can be blamed for actions taken or not taken once the mistakes were identified. He can also be held responsible for fueling the fires of fear and concern with ill chosen words and actions.
    So far, the only thing coming across the borders are drugs and people looking for jobs, no plagues. It is time to get priorities straight in Texas AND Washington DC.

  6. Respectful Troll commented on Jerry Holbert 18 days ago

    This election season is seeing the fewest number of debates between candidates on record. With superpacs and big money donors paying for airtime and adspace, candidates do not feel it necessary to risk saying the wrong thing on live tv in front of voters. Instead of responding to questions, or failing to respond to questions, candidates are relying on dramatic footage and powerful narrator voices to tell us why voting for their opponent will be a bad idea.
    It is very sad that money has become the chief provider of misinformation in our political campaigns. While debates are most often an opportunity for a candidate to listen carefully to the moderators’ questions, and then attack their opponent instead of answering the question, it does give voters some insight on a person’s character and poise and to decide if we can vote for, or perhaps against, that person.
    A congress that protects themselves from insider trading, OSHA regs, harassment regs, and gives itself generous pay and pension packages is very unlikely to ever seriously set term limits on itself. How can they ever prove their value to companies for whom they one day hope to lobby and/or consult if they can’t serve for decades in public office?
    of my fellow voters and citizens,
    Politicians??? not so much.

  7. Respectful Troll commented on Steve Breen 18 days ago

    Hi Trout. A comedian recently talked about people who walk close to bears to give them food by hand. He described that as “food providing food”, If “a pizza was offering him a hot dog, do you know what I’d be eating when the pizza was gone? Hot dog.”
    I also like the young man who, after being attacked by a shark while surfing, and then by a grizzley while camping, told Johnny Carson, When you enter the forest or the ocean, you become part of the food chain.

  8. Respectful Troll commented on Lisa Benson 18 days ago

    It’s not what he says, dzw,it’s what the people in the videos he shows say. Whether from the left or the right, when he makes a ludicrous statement, it is almost always backed up by an equally ludicrous video of somebody proving the point he’s making. If he was just saying something, it wouldn’t be anymore worthwhile than listening to Sharpeton or Hannity, but he shows us what Schumer said, and what Boehnor said, and what the President said, and what McConnall said, etc. The fact that he ‘jokes’ about it before and after each video, videos almost always shown IN CONTEXT, only makes what we hear a little less painful to hear.
    BTW, I also listen to Dennis Miller, and he oftens makes good points as well. Should I ignore him completely just because he’s a right wing satirist?

  9. Respectful Troll commented on Lisa Benson 20 days ago

    On the other side, Trout, the other day, Jon Stewart showed Republicans crying out all of the things we need to do to protect our people from Ebola because nothing is more important than saving American lives. After showing how conservatives react to “food police” actions to prevent heart disease (number one killer of Americans), and gun control laws(88 killed per day), and several other things that kill thousands of Americans yearly,and to which every conservative pundit and politician cried out “outrage to infringe on Americans rights.”… he finally said, in essence, conservatives are against all causes of Americans dying that aren’t “made in America.” That last showed a toe tag with those words and a US flag.

  10. Respectful Troll commented on Steve Breen 20 days ago

    I agree, Tue. In Germany, and many stores in my area, people take their own reusable cloth bags. I have those and several “cold bags”, grocery bags that are insulated an in which you can put ice or freezer packs.
    Whole Foods even gives you 5 cents off per bag you use, or you can choose to donate it to that week’s charity, usually a school.
    There are options.