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  1. dmk57 commented on Frazz 17 days ago

    I’m surprised that no one thinks posting selfies to the internet with all your GPS info isn’t part of some grand surveillance scheme.

  2. dmk57 commented on Prickly City about 1 month ago

    I hope you guys have a good write in candidate in mind.

  3. dmk57 commented on Dude and Dude about 1 month ago

    I feel that way when I watch some to the wood working shows on TV.

  4. dmk57 commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 month ago

    …and why are they getting free meals, and why do they get free pieces of luggage and why…

  5. dmk57 commented on Frazz about 1 month ago

    So as I see it I am paying a convenience fee so that I can supply the computer, internet connection,printer, paper, and allow the theater to hire fewer people saving them even more money.

  6. dmk57 commented on Ink Pen 3 months ago

    Picturing Superman with a pot and string bean arms.

  7. dmk57 commented on Wrong Hands 3 months ago

    Let’s see, both are large carnivorous reptiles known to attack just about anything edible, including humans. Who cares what it is, just run when its close.

  8. dmk57 commented on Rabbits Against Magic 3 months ago

    I’m sitting in my little 40+ mpg car at the gas pump when one of those RV’s the size of a bus comes rumbling in and I had to ask myself why did I even bother trying, then I saw the cost of filling that thing.

  9. dmk57 commented on Ink Pen 3 months ago

    This explains the current run of Wonder Woman. Yet another origin story in the offing.

  10. dmk57 commented on Reply All 3 months ago

    And he hits that one out of the park.