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  1. oceantrvlr commented on Pat Oliphant 14 days ago

    It’s time to remove this strip !! It’s been over a year. Move on !

  2. oceantrvlr commented on Pat Oliphant 3 months ago

    One comic in ten months…It’s time to remove this from the lineup.

  3. oceantrvlr commented on Mike Lester 9 months ago

    Mike, Try living on minimum wage for a year. The buying power of the working class is what drives our economy. When the working class can no longer afford to buy over priced goods the economy will collapse.

  4. oceantrvlr commented on Gary Varvel over 1 year ago

    The same lie again! As it is now, it’s easier for kids to buy pot than beer.

  5. oceantrvlr commented on Drew Sheneman over 1 year ago

    Until you remember that the gas tax already in place is not being used to fix roads and bridges.

  6. oceantrvlr commented on Dilbert Classics over 1 year ago

    Didn’t you just run this strip last week?

  7. oceantrvlr commented on Mike Thompson over 2 years ago

    We’ve been rushing headlong into a police state for decades. It all started when believing in the Bill of Rights became Un-American. The next big step came when we had to take a drug test to prove ourselves innocent of a crime in order to keep our jobs.

  8. oceantrvlr commented on Jim Morin over 2 years ago

    If the Media would stop making criminals into victims, We wouldn’t have the problems we have.