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  1. oceantrvlr commented on Gary Varvel 8 months ago

    The same lie again! As it is now, it’s easier for kids to buy pot than beer.

  2. oceantrvlr commented on Drew Sheneman 8 months ago

    Until you remember that the gas tax already in place is not being used to fix roads and bridges.

  3. oceantrvlr commented on Dilbert Classics 9 months ago

    Didn’t you just run this strip last week?

  4. oceantrvlr commented on Mike Thompson over 1 year ago

    We’ve been rushing headlong into a police state for decades. It all started when believing in the Bill of Rights became Un-American. The next big step came when we had to take a drug test to prove ourselves innocent of a crime in order to keep our jobs.

  5. oceantrvlr commented on Jim Morin over 1 year ago

    If the Media would stop making criminals into victims, We wouldn’t have the problems we have.