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  1. rorygmw commented on Last Kiss 10 months ago

    Mildly sexist might be funny, but obese chauvinist boar is just getting tiresome. I think I’ll delete this kind of stupidity from my comic page.

  2. rorygmw commented on Savage Chickens 11 months ago

    At first I thought it was a concealed pun, but then I realized it was just another cartoonist who can’t spell. Illitterate, I guess.

  3. rorygmw commented on Pearls Before Swine 11 months ago

    The worse the pun, the better I like it.

  4. rorygmw commented on Graffiti 11 months ago

    From the first moment you log in to the Internet, Big Brother is in your life!

  5. rorygmw commented on In the Sticks 12 months ago

    Love the animation! This could be trending…. Keep it up!

  6. rorygmw commented on Ollie and Quentin 12 months ago


  7. rorygmw commented on Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz 12 months ago

    The comments about the cane position are correct. Obviously, no research!

  8. rorygmw commented on The Sunshine Club 12 months ago

    Or my husband…..

  9. rorygmw commented on On A Claire Day about 1 year ago

    Are we now back at the beginning?

  10. rorygmw commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 year ago

    Stephan Pastis, I’d like to make a pass at you!