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  1. paullkellysr commented on PC and Pixel over 4 years ago

    THanks for the link

  2. paullkellysr commented on Ziggy over 4 years ago

    Actually, I think that’s what the Democrat party has become

  3. paullkellysr commented on Stuart Carlson over 4 years ago

    Actually the oil companies don’t set gas prices. The prices are set on commodity markets by speculators. The speculators set the market prices based on external influences of supply and demand expectations. Government involvement in the market with taxes and controls on the supply does effect the price.

  4. paullkellysr commented on Marmaduke almost 5 years ago

    No, the mail didn’t come – the flag is still up

  5. paullkellysr commented on Kit 'N' Carlyle almost 5 years ago

    Funny – Most of the time that poor kitty is stealing her cooking!

  6. paullkellysr commented on Tom Toles almost 5 years ago


    Nobody can make BO look good – much less great – Thanks for reminding us of that

  7. paullkellysr commented on Henry Payne almost 5 years ago

    While being a member of the peace corps is admirable, it’s not service to the US, only to the host country.

  8. paullkellysr commented on Tom Toles almost 5 years ago

    Actually if you listen to the tape, he says he’s visited 57 and has one more to go – Care to tell us what the 58th would have been?

  9. paullkellysr commented on Tony Auth almost 5 years ago

    The biggest problem with Joe P was that he knew what happened / was happening and kept the dirt bag on his staff!

  10. paullkellysr commented on Win, Lose, Drew about 5 years ago

    Funny that the Red Sox that didn’t make the play-offs is included, but the Rays that made the play-off isn’t!