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  1. ldstrain commented on Luann 2 months ago

    I for one find this story arc interesting and am eager to see how it unfolds. Good job so far GE!

  2. ldstrain commented on Working Daze 4 months ago

    To TS Roberts – I thought it was pretty obvious in today’s strip that Dana’s hair is growing in. I liked Dana’s post-explosion “do” and thought today’s partial grow back was a brilliant touch. Bravo!

  3. ldstrain commented on Prickly City 4 months ago

    To the best of my knowledge, I have not heard of many “radical” Christians advocating or condoning killing non-believers. I would that is the biggest distinction between those two belief systems.

  4. ldstrain commented on Working Daze 4 months ago

    I only see a sketch with no colors. No one has mentioned this. Am I the only one?

    I am interested to see if Dana’s face is back to normal. BTW – I like what the explosion did to her hair.

  5. ldstrain commented on Luann 5 months ago

    Stephan Pastis (Pearls before Swine) would be proud of that pun set up.

  6. ldstrain commented on Pearls Before Swine 5 months ago

    I agree that this is a new low for SP in the convolution of puns.

  7. ldstrain commented on Pickles 5 months ago

    In the south, it is simply referred to as “slaw.”

  8. ldstrain commented on Non Sequitur 5 months ago

    Or maybe the worst case scenario for asking the wrong person for directions.

  9. ldstrain commented on Freshly Squeezed 6 months ago

    CNN, the Communist News Network.

  10. ldstrain commented on Prickly City over 1 year ago

    I’ll take that as an attempt at irony. All of the ones I see are obviously working for cash under the table and their kids are attending school and receiving medicaid.