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Cul de Sac

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  1. carl craig commented on Big Nate 24 days ago

    Oh gosh, I am so flipping great full Lincoln. I have no idea what the future holds for me but I would love to meet you some day as a colleague in cartooning. For now I will continue to draw and I will Put your advice into practice. I am currently a foreign exchange student in California and I will try get a scholarship to go to one of the cartooning schools. I am happy that you have seen my style evolve since the Carl Craig days. I Alsofeel that I have seen your skill in writing books improve since I read big Nate in a class by himself. There needs to be a Reuben award for nicest cartoonist because you would definitely win it.

  2. carl craig commented on Big Nate 25 days ago

    Could I please have some constructive criticism on my work
    I understand you are really busy but even a few words can make a big difference

  3. carl craig commented on Big Nate 26 days ago

    Lincoln, I have read your blog twice a week since I was 12 I am 18 now and I realize what a big part it has had in my life. It gave me an appreciation for the behind the scenes of cartooning and inspired me to create my own. It is really generous of you to share your craft with beginners. I only realize this now that it is ending. Could you please give me feedback on my comics one last time the other two times you did it really helped me. http://carlcomix.weebly.com/
    Thank you

  4. carl craig commented on Big Nate 2 months ago

    Is Geordie the most like able character in big Nate?

  5. carl craig commented on Little Nemo 2 months ago

    i think nemo is getting older

  6. carl craig commented on Big Nate 2 months ago

    its nice to see trudy again
    can I have some feedback on my comics as a birthday present
    I really appreciate

  7. carl craig commented on Big Nate 2 months ago

    I’m turning 18 tomorrow and i would really appreciate any harsh, honest brutal criticism you can give me on my comics. I’ve been drawing since I was 12


  8. carl craig commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 2 months ago

    can i please have some feed back on my comics as a birthday present.
    tomorrow I’m 18 and i need you to help me get better!
    you can leave a comment on my feedback blog and you don’t need to leave your email address. Thanks!!

  9. carl craig commented on Big Nate 3 months ago


  10. carl craig commented on Big Nate 3 months ago

    Im happy to hear that while your here what about when you have loads of straight parallel lines in your books as visual decoration around a panel or to show shading. . They must take ages to do with a ruler but they’re so straight its like you did them with a computer.