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  1. mahoneygardens commented on Henry Payne over 2 years ago

    Silly legislative branch…. they made themselves expendable by reducing their productivity. Any boss would fire them for such paultry output.
    Maybe they should try doing the job they were elected for instead of focusing on obstructionist fun (at voter expense).

  2. mahoneygardens commented on Clay Bennett over 3 years ago

    Intellecticide… go here to see it… http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2013/apr/06/handle-care-cartoon-clay-bennett-times/?opinioncartoons

  3. mahoneygardens commented on Jim Morin over 3 years ago

    “horrible record” ? really? you must only watch FOX… read some other economic reports… maybe AP, or The Economist, or Barron’s… things are definitely looking up, without help from the righteous right. Uninformed spouting and selective fact presentation has brought the “conservative” right to it’s knees.
    What we need is more moderate, tolerant thinking. Not bleeding-heart left, and not righteous right…. thoughtful, educated, moderate responsibility.

  4. mahoneygardens commented on Chuck Asay over 4 years ago

    Not true…. for my 56th birthday I got a 20% premium increase. It had absolutely nothing to do with my excellent health, lack of bad habits, etc….
    Why isn’t health insurance more like car insurance? If I take care of myself, I should get a better rate. If I don’t go for regular checkups, pour poisons into my body, etc,. then I should not get any discounts….

  5. mahoneygardens commented on Robert Ariail over 4 years ago

    So, what would happen if no out-of-state money were allowed to fund referendums?