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  1. 425 commented on Doonesbury almost 4 years ago

    Tell me, everyone, about your faith that there are no Gremlins on Venus. After all, my claim that there are Gremlins on Venus has the EXACT same level of evidence as YHWH.

  2. 425 commented on Dilbert Classics about 4 years ago

    I think you’re confusing our nonexistent hatred of a nonexistent god to our very real hatred of organized religion.

  3. 425 commented on Get Fuzzy about 4 years ago

    Nerd time: “Seminole” does not actually refer to a Native American tribe, but to a mixed-race group that formed between the Creeks and African slaves who escaped to Spanish-controlled Florida.

  4. 425 commented on Doonesbury over 4 years ago

    Charlie Webster was also none-too-pleased about the fact that the state republicans chose Ron Paul as the nominee for president, so he cheerfully decided to cancel county caucuses and not count all the votes.

  5. 425 commented on Doonesbury almost 5 years ago

    Jon Huntsman was the first to CANCEL, actually. Rick Santorum will be the only candidate besides Newt in attendance.

  6. 425 commented on Pearls Before Swine over 5 years ago

    Rat shouldn’t try to sell “Le Lavabo” to someone as educated as Goat.