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Working Daze by John Zakour and Scott Roberts

Working Daze

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  1. beammeup1701 commented on Garfield 24 days ago

    See “Breaking Cat News” today…same basic idea, but ROFL good!

  2. beammeup1701 commented on Working Daze 30 days ago

    Thanks for the information. I saw the yellow shirt and brown pants and the V-style sideburns and thought of Captain Kirk. Yes I am a geek, and I’m proud of it too! :)

  3. beammeup1701 commented on Working Daze about 1 month ago

    Hey Scott, completely random question for you, is that William Shatner sitting in the chair? Even in zoom mode I can’t make out what the book is he’s reading…

  4. beammeup1701 commented on Nancy Classics 2 months ago

    Television goes back a lot farther than you think. One of the world’s first TV broadcast stations was started in Schenectady, NY in 1928. The idea goes back even earlier than that. Do a little Google and Wikipedia research and educate yourself. TV is NOT a “newfangled” idea at all.

  5. beammeup1701 commented on Nancy Classics 3 months ago

    Back when watermelons still had seeds! No challenge in the seedless ones these days.

  6. beammeup1701 commented on Arlo and Janis 3 months ago

    The lettering has been different all this week. Not sure if that has anything to do with the odd coloration as well.

  7. beammeup1701 commented on Rip Haywire 3 months ago

    Ka-Weep! I ka-love it!!

  8. beammeup1701 commented on Alley Oop 3 months ago

    Oop has been back in Moo since September 2nd, by the way. I’ve seen glaciers that flow at a faster pace than this story line.

  9. beammeup1701 commented on Peanuts Begins 3 months ago

    Or go with a trebuchet…would the snowballs disintegrate on launch though?

  10. beammeup1701 commented on Nancy Classics 4 months ago

    I’ll be 43 next month and have always preferred the Bushmiller Nancy cartoons. Simple yet elegant, and make me reflect on easier times. I grew up with rotary phones and still love them. I’d like to see one of today’s youth try to figure out how to use a rotary phone! :)