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Bloom County

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  1. coreman commented on Glenn McCoy 11 months ago

    Guess you better step to take your turn in protection detail

  2. coreman commented on Tom Toles about 2 years ago

    they were not correct and neither is anyone who thinks obama has a mandate - 50 % popular votes indicates different- spin any way you want to. time to dump this 19 century aspest of our democracy - popular vote should be the only critera for elected office.

  3. coreman commented on Steve Kelley about 2 years ago

    at last someone who sees through the Obamafog—

    to bad it’s not a major news affiliate (you know those good “journalists” at NBC, ABC, and CBS) — oh sorry I meant the Obama networks.

    They need to turn in their journalistic cards—they forfeited the right to be called by that one time respected name —

  4. coreman commented on Over the Hedge over 2 years ago

    In mid-July, 2006, i think , there were a series of strips featuring two “Red Neck Flamingos” I have looked high and low on the web for copies of these strips, but no luck - Does anyone have an idea where these might be archived ? I have one which was dated 7-18, so i know is was mid-july, but the year is missing