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  1. coreman commented on Last Kiss 16 days ago

    Darn —its Hillary in a speech !!

  2. coreman commented on Cow and Boy Classics 4 months ago

    hence the popularity of the democratic party -spend someone else’s (tax) money.

  3. coreman commented on Dana Summers 8 months ago

    They laugh because they fear - trump will kick their collective butts back into respect for the US-No more excuses from idiots like Obama who bow and scrape before the rest of the world — we (AMERICANS) are not sorry and the rest of the world will not get apologies from Trump

  4. coreman commented on Kevin Kallaugher 8 months ago

    put him in charge of Gitmo, and lock the door behind him

  5. coreman commented on Bob Gorrell 8 months ago

    Don’t see anything out of context, only a president out of his league, and out of time. Kiss any legacy goodbye along with Obama care, in 2017.

  6. coreman commented on Clay Bennett 8 months ago

    this bs is so boring — move on left wing liberals, prepare to die as a culture

  7. coreman commented on Wizard of Id 8 months ago

    My cats do this when they hear the ice maker come on — they like to chase ice along the floor.

  8. coreman commented on Phil Hands 9 months ago

    You do not want guns, move to Australia. Get your left wing babble out of my country, or man up and quit your griping. The Law of the land is just that. You don’t like it, leave!

  9. coreman commented on Steve Breen 9 months ago

    just another example of political overreach and BS from the left side of the compass

  10. coreman commented on Sunny Street 9 months ago

    are these advanced donut men from Brewster Rocket? The next wave is coming