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  1. pair8head commented on Freshly Squeezed over 3 years ago

    Ever heard of paypal?

  2. pair8head commented on JumpStart over 3 years ago

    Ball goes thru the net, the crowd goes wild.
    The announcer says “Wrong Net”

  3. pair8head commented on Big Nate almost 4 years ago

    That would be Sonic

  4. pair8head commented on Dude and Dude almost 4 years ago

    Contrats on 500 FB likes.

  5. pair8head commented on Dog Eat Doug almost 4 years ago

    I bought our Lab a silver heart locket for Valentines day and my wife thought I was crazy until I showed her the pictures of her and I inside it.

  6. pair8head commented on Fort Knox almost 4 years ago

    Try to follow along. He’s seen it.

  7. pair8head commented on Family Tree almost 4 years ago


  8. pair8head commented on Get a Life almost 4 years ago

    Chickens don’t feed their young so have no use for them. Men have them because when first conceived the baby can be either sex. It isn’t until the male chromaseone kicks in that the sex is truly set and by then the nipples are already developed.
    Note to self? (If I got this wrong I may need to go back to school.)

  9. pair8head commented on Get Fuzzy almost 4 years ago

    My cat has thumbs

  10. pair8head commented on Frazz almost 4 years ago

    If they are put on with buttons they are braces
    If they are put on with clips they are suspenders.