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  1. Aliquid commented on Tim Eagan 16 days ago

    Nope, there is a third option, you could support Bernie… he is completely against the status quo too.

  2. Aliquid commented on Glenn McCoy 3 months ago

    It is funny… those who are anti-socialism seem to think that the only people who support socialism are those who don’t work and want a handout.
    You fail to understand that a large number of people who support Sanders are actually wealthy, and work hard.
    I support socialism, and it would be MY income that is taxed to help support a healthy society. And it would be unlikely that I personally would get any of the “handouts”. Yet I still think socialism is a good idea.

  3. Aliquid commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 4 months ago

    I’ve noticed at a few 24 hour grocery stores that the cheese is locked up during the “midnight shift”… because it gets stolen so often.
    If I was hungry homeless and without a penny to my name… and I had to steal to eat… I would steal cheese. Provides more long term energy than bread (carbs), doesn’t go bad as fast as other proteins (meat), and has a high quantity of food per volume (i.e. is dense).

  4. Aliquid commented on Clay Bennett 6 months ago

    @ nance19oped

    But you are saying some rules should be enforced. You are saying a woman shouldn’t be allowed to use it as every day birth control. What if a woman finds out she is having a boy, but she wants a girl, so she gets an abortion. Is that ok?

    Pro choice can be a problem if you take it too far. Pro life can be a problem if you take it too far. A line needs to be drawn somewhere in-between. Unfortunately, the grey area is a really complicated moral dilemma for each individual circumstance.

  5. Aliquid commented on Jerry Holbert 6 months ago

    Yes, killed by conservative capitalist extremists that refused to do acknowledge and address climate change.

    Such a shame

  6. Aliquid commented on Darrin Bell 7 months ago

    No, the students shouldn’t run the classroom, but if multiple authority figures are unfairly picking on her, then she has the moral right to stand up for herself and not bow down to their “authority”.
    Looking at your definition… inspiring obedience is a good thing. Demanding obedience isn’t as good and often ends up with conflict.
    If authority figures started picking on you and singling you out unfairly, I’m sure you would eventually reach a point where you were fed up and “resisted arrest” too.
    Please note that I used the word “IF” above. If authority figures are picking on her. Maybe they weren’t. Maybe she is a complete brat that had no valid reason to resist. I’m willing to consider that possibility. Even if that were true though, the response was still excessive.

  7. Aliquid commented on Darrin Bell 7 months ago

    Respecting others? Sorry, but “authority figures” that are bullies do not deserve any respect.

  8. Aliquid commented on Mike Lester 12 months ago

    Conservatives find that hard to understand.

    Either they hate the person, and everything that person does is “wrong”, or they love a person and everything that person does is “right”.

    The idea of “I support this aspect of the person, but disapprove of that aspect”… well that simply doesn’t compute for them.

  9. Aliquid commented on Henry Payne about 1 year ago

    Lets take a look at the history of mankind…

    Lets count all the times that the Scientific community said “x is true”, and the deniers said “no, no, no, you are wrong”.

    How many times have the scientists been wrong?

    Over 90% of the scientific community is confident that climate change is a real threat…

    But they must be wrong… you know just like they were wrong about the earth being round, and smoking causing cancer…

  10. Aliquid commented on Graffiti about 1 year ago

    There is a woman on the $20 bill…. in Canada and New Zeland