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Cul de Sac by Richard Thompson

Cul de Sac

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  1. Kip W commented on Richard's Poor Almanac about 14 hours ago

    It describes how they bow.

  2. Kip W commented on Jeff Danziger about 14 hours ago

    I see that you’re one of those fierce individualists who calls no man master, who hates all liberals and sort of dislikes one or two Republicans.

  3. Kip W commented on Robert Ariail about 14 hours ago

    So, correction:

    “A single accusation has fallen apart.”


    Much better. More presidential.

  4. Kip W commented on Joel Pett about 14 hours ago

    It was basically as if Bush, having gained control of the Ship of State, left it upside-down on Rodeo Drive and walked away whistling. Then, for the next seven years, Obama worked to get it out while the GOP threw rocks and mud and jabbered at him for not getting it out faster. (Requests for help were met with hilarious suggestions that if he cared so much, he should do it himself.) Now it’s out, and they look at it critically and ask why it can’t fly, “like it used to.”

  5. Kip W commented on Doonesbury about 14 hours ago

    Are you sure he’s wearing pants?

  6. Kip W commented on Chip Bok about 14 hours ago

    Still coasting on discredited urban legends about Chicago in 1960. Historians say the impact was nil, and Nixon didn’t sue because it would have exposed his own cheating.

  7. Kip W commented on John Deering about 21 hours ago

    “It was shut down into blocks it was not pieced together.”



  8. Kip W commented on Lisa Benson about 21 hours ago

    Scandal! She met with people who were willing to cut multi-million dollar checks to help AIDS victims without giving them anything in return.

  9. Kip W commented on Jen Sorensen about 21 hours ago

    He was sued over it years ago. Or does it only count when you see it on cable TV?

  10. Kip W commented on Glenn McCoy about 21 hours ago

    A team led by a professional coach and consisting of players from all over really represents the old home town.