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  1. Kip W commented on Ken Catalino about 3 hours ago

    Porky Pr*ck.

  2. Kip W commented on Stuart Carlson about 3 hours ago

    You’re basing this on their hair, right?

  3. Kip W commented on Kevin Kallaugher about 3 hours ago

    Characterizing would give him more character than he has.

  4. Kip W commented on Scott Stantis about 3 hours ago

    The context of that carefully clipped statement is that she said (right in the same utterance) that the public would learn what was in the bill that was being so widely lied about, and when it was passed and things calmed down, they’d find that out.

    Dishonest quote trimming is a form of lying.

  5. Kip W commented on Jack Ohman about 3 hours ago

    Their platform is against porn? Maybe that’s why Mrs. Trump is sort of scarce lately.

  6. Kip W commented on Mike Luckovich about 3 hours ago

    Ah, yes. The man who repudiated his earlier views, spoke against the KKK, and earned respect from civil rights groups.

    But Hitler never got around to any of that, yet his views are espoused by large alt-right groups, and Confederate ‘patriots’ like his logo almost as much as their treason flag. Maybe it’s because he hated the same people they hate?

    One thing’s clear: Byrd was the one kind of racist the GOP never seems to embrace: an EX-racist.

  7. Kip W commented on Henry Payne about 3 hours ago

    No, that’s the room they’re in. At least be consistent with the world shown in the pro-Trump cartoon up there.

  8. Kip W commented on Ken Catalino about 3 hours ago

    He just likes drawing clowns.

  9. Kip W commented on Steve Breen about 3 hours ago

    Or perhaps a victim of statuary rape.

  10. Kip W commented on Mike Lester about 3 hours ago

    You seem to be saying Nixon was guilty. One small step, and it only took four decades.