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  1. Kip W commented on Little Nemo about 8 hours ago

    I love the coloring job, and how the bright light streaming in removes the colors from everything.

  2. Kip W commented on Jim Morin about 8 hours ago

    More people have voted for Obama than for all those GOP reps and senators. The only apparent mandate they have is their hole card, voter apathy.

  3. Kip W commented on Super-Fun-Pak Comix about 8 hours ago

    Well, he seems handsome enough wet. Let’s just pray he dries up handsome too.

  4. Kip W commented on Origins of the Sunday Comics about 8 hours ago

    Williwinks really gets around!

  5. Kip W commented on Dick Tracy about 8 hours ago

    Madame Fatal was a real Golden Age character! Okay, up to now, I knew about the reference in the undergrounds. I’m glad I came back to see the rest of the comments. Thanks, Anyface, and JPW for quoting it again.

  6. Kip W commented on Peanuts Begins 1 day ago

    Schroeder starts off as a toddler who doesn’t seem to talk yet. (Maybe he’s just not in a talkative mood for a while.)

  7. Kip W commented on Little Nemo 1 day ago

    Took Flip a little longer than that to mend his ways, but it was a start.

    Zigman, there was a Japanese-US collaboration on an animated feature. It’s gorgeous to look at and has some lovely visuals. Story-wise, they gave him a chattering flying squirrel sidekick, and you can probably calculate from that just how much they cared about the original story and characters. It’s well worth watching with the sound off.

  8. Kip W commented on Super-Fun-Pak Comix 1 day ago

    But is he handsome enough? Is he? IS HE??

  9. Kip W commented on Garfield 1 day ago

    He’s had the cat for how long, and he’s surprised at this why?

  10. Kip W commented on Nancy 1 day ago

    Off he goes, to shovel other lawns.