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  1. Quipss commented on Lisa Benson 10 days ago

    I don’t support financial punishment for speech. However freedom of speech includes freedom of rebuttal.

    The concept that one can say whatever they want without any response is not freedom of speech so much as meaningless words. Rebuttal and the ability to hold argument against is the cornerstone of democracy. Speech that involves one party can just as easily be found in a dictatorship.

  2. Quipss commented on Mike Lester 12 days ago

    Do you ever use empirical reasoning or do you simply prefer anecdotes and thought experiments. If so here is one

    if everybody had a pet elephant the elephant could block cars, bullets and knives, ergo every person should be required to have a pet elephent with them at all times thus leading to a safer society.

    you can use thought experiments to explain a case, not make a point.

  3. Quipss commented on John Deering about 1 month ago

    Fun fact. Troops have been stationed in Crimea for the better part of the last 2 decades as part of a long term agreement that expires in the near future of 2042.

    Another fun tidbit. Russian troops have not fired weapons. To the present this is one of the most successful interventions / peacekeeping / occupation of all time in regards to preventing casualties

    And a final bit

    Presently the neo-nazi party of the Ukraine, Or ultra-nationalist as it is now called has managed to garner up to 30% in some western Ukrainian ridings, whereas in the east and south they are approximately equal to or less than 1%. This to some Ukrainians a frightening event hence why in mixed interviews such as ones from the BBC you will see fascism mentioned

  4. Quipss commented on Michael Ramirez about 1 month ago

    You mean that $3 per person in the USA. My guess is not much more than the epidemic of lose change falling out of pockets

  5. Quipss commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago





    Now I understand that accountants clearly have no claim on what a radio host says in money matters. but it would most certainly appear that the USA could cut even half its budget, be greater than Asia and Africa combined with the only risk being if all of Europe and Russia decided to gang up at once

  6. Quipss commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago

    Indeed, and with the income of roughly $6,700 per year I’m sure people would happily live in a deteriorated slum.

  7. Quipss commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago

    You really seem to have fetish for that dime on the dollar. Unless you mean cutting into social security which for most years has been a net revenue generator. Or perhaps medicare and medicaid

  8. Quipss commented on Jeff Stahler about 1 month ago

    From there you can go into trades, or liberal arts. However in terms of Engineering and the Sciences (Business I find varies), you actually need a full university for the sooner and the later you want to be at a university with good research credentials

  9. Quipss commented on Steve Benson about 1 month ago

    You mean that massive 10% of government budget spent on welfare

    Or maybe the whooping 3% of GDP, Those horrific moments where 3 cents on the dollar is spent on trying to help people at varying degrees of need


  10. Quipss commented on Nick Anderson about 1 month ago

    trying to lump large groups of people together is always a bad idea (35 million in the case of the USA). However picking out anecdotes will not provide useful information. Using anecdotes one could reasonably suggest that putting all of ones savings into lottery tickets would be a good idea. after all, somebody always wins and some people win with one ticket