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  1. texasdragonfly commented on Trivquiz about 3 years ago

    So JanCinLV, yes he was a drug user, got any evidence to back up your claim??

  2. texasdragonfly commented on Trivquiz over 3 years ago

    The carrot from outer space…

  3. texasdragonfly commented on Bloom County over 3 years ago

    The Alfred Hitchcock Hours can be seen on the Encore Suspense Channel weekdays @ 10:50 Eastern and they are being shown in broadcast order. Season 1 started again 4/9/13.

  4. texasdragonfly commented on Trivquiz over 3 years ago

    So the Black Eyed Peas are what passes for talent these days??? Give me a break… the absolute worst Super Bowl halftime show EVER!!!

  5. texasdragonfly commented on Trivquiz almost 4 years ago

    He appeared in several “classic” original Twilight Zone episodes as well. One of the most memorable was the bank clerk with very thick glasses that loved to read and was the sole survivor of a nuclear attack.

  6. texasdragonfly commented on Dick Tracy about 4 years ago

    I would like to take the opportunity to wish Dick Tracy a Happy Birthday!!!

  7. texasdragonfly commented on Shoe about 4 years ago

    Kinda suits you anyway…

  8. texasdragonfly commented on Bloom County over 4 years ago

    Ollie North was nothing more than a pathetic yes man, cover up artist and don’t even talk about the drug dealing aspect of his involvement in Iran Contra. What a loser!!! And some idiots think he is a hero???