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  1. beezel commented on Daddy's Home 17 days ago

    Yes, and even did my motherly nag yesterday to my 30-something son.

  2. beezel commented on Breaking Cat News 18 days ago


  3. beezel commented on Daddy's Home 24 days ago

    Praying for you.

  4. beezel commented on Breaking Cat News 27 days ago

    I, too, would love to see pics. I’m a sewist, taking online classes, some in heirloom sewing. Love to look at lace creations!

  5. beezel commented on Stone Soup Classics about 1 month ago

    I grew up in bowling alleys. My parents were on a league at the military bases where we lived. I was taught to crochet by the lady who kept the nursery there.

  6. beezel commented on Overboard about 1 month ago

    Where are you n Atlanta? I’m in Covington, formerly of College Park. I do have fond memories of the few times it"s snowed.

  7. beezel commented on Daddy's Home 3 months ago

    Saved my babysitting money to buy a guitar for $100 at the PX when I was 12. My husband played it until he got a Martin of his own. I now play the upright bass.

  8. beezel commented on Daddy's Home 4 months ago

    Same with me: bad knees, but walk about 2 1/2 miles in 50 minutes, so about the same rate.

  9. beezel commented on F Minus 4 months ago

    About achieving heaven by the law: I hope you will look closely at this scripture – Gal. 2:16. A very liberating verse.

  10. beezel commented on Ricig's Toon Trivia 7 months ago

    I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day