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  1. beezel commented on Wallace the Brave 13 days ago

    I fed my brother dirt.

  2. beezel commented on Daddy's Home 13 days ago

    Only when I’m alone or around my family. Favorite music to dance to: oldies and bluegrass.

  3. beezel commented on Cul de Sac 15 days ago

    Even though I exercise regularly, I sometimes lean on the cart because my knees hurt.

  4. beezel commented on Luann 16 days ago

    We can’t read a man’s heart – only his actions.

  5. beezel commented on FoxTrot Classics 18 days ago

    Thank you!

  6. beezel commented on Luann 19 days ago

    He, hee!

  7. beezel commented on Luann 21 days ago

    I see a lot of wedding gowns at second hand stores – some are very nice.

  8. beezel commented on Breaking Cat News 22 days ago

    I somehow managed to do that to myself. Somehow figured out how to fix it, but I don’t remember how.

  9. beezel commented on Buni 25 days ago

    I believe the muffin ate one of the cupcakes – one is missing.

  10. beezel commented on Daddy's Home 26 days ago

    The only time I was served breakfast in bed (besides in the hospital) was when my 6-year-old nephew was living with us. He brought my husband and me our favorite cereals (Cocoa Krispies for me, Frosted Flakes for him) in little tiny margarine bowls. I just rolled over on my stomach and ate ’em up. He was so proud. A sweet memory.