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Real Life Adventures

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  1. Steve Dutch commented on Calvin and Hobbes 2 days ago

    Many cats, though, do like having their tails stroked if it’s a continuation of a back stroking. Just don’t grab too hard or pull too hard.

  2. Steve Dutch commented on Real Life Adventures 3 days ago

    Views for the comic and ad revenue.

  3. Steve Dutch commented on Pickles 3 days ago

    This strip says a huge amount. Where is it written that you’re ENTITLED to be better off than your parents? “It’s not fair?”

    Nobody is entitled to anything. Unless you invented or built the machines that do it, you did nothing to deserve clean water, electricity, the internet, automobiles or modern medicine. People immeasurably better than you in every way did it for you, and they charge you a token of what those luxuries are really worth. How much would you pay for a shot of antibiotic if you had an infection and it were the only shot left in the world?

  4. Steve Dutch commented on Shoe 3 days ago

    School sales don’t teach kids about business. They teach them about panhandling.

  5. Steve Dutch commented on Ten Cats 3 days ago

    A tad dated, but MAD once had a spoof magazine for ultra hard core gamblers and there was an ad:
    “Want fast action? It’s as close as your local pay phone (the dated part). In fact, it IS your local pay phone! Just drop a quarter in the slot. If you get a dial tone, YOU WIN!”

  6. Steve Dutch commented on Real Life Adventures 4 days ago

    Snap, crackle and pop. It’s not just for breakfast any more.

  7. Steve Dutch commented on Doonesbury 4 days ago

    My “life list” is pretty short but it includes four species of penguins, skuas, and a couple of toucans.

  8. Steve Dutch commented on Pearls Before Swine 8 days ago

    I have the Spanish next to the English version. Translates pretty literally, but the sound effects are interesting. “Ta-daaaa” is “taraan,” and “wow” is “guau.” Lots of languages can’t easily begin words with certain vowels but need a sort of “starting block” (the g sound) to push off from.

  9. Steve Dutch commented on Pearls Before Swine 25 days ago

    Seriously? Not only that, but some private-sounding schools like Purdue and Rutgers are actually state owned. All 50 states have public universities.

  10. Steve Dutch commented on Real Life Adventures 28 days ago

    She’s lucky she didn’t find a cat IN the briefcase.