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  1. Steve D088 commented on Working Daze 1 day ago

    The only limitations on BASIC are inability to interface with modern devices, and that’s failure to update the language. Mathematically, if you can step, branch and loop you can execute ANY procedure. I wrote Bessel functions in BASIC. The hate for BASIC from the “professionals” was precisely that it WAS easy to use and anyone could code with it.

  2. Steve D088 commented on Pickles 1 day ago

    Me, too, but I couldn’t breathe with all that milk up my nose.

  3. Steve D088 commented on Bloom County 5 days ago

    We had a production of “Iolanthe” in our area once and a black guest tenor sang one of the roles. In one number, he reflects on the vagaries of life and thinks that he could have been a sailor and did a little jig, or a soldier and did a march, or he could have gone on the stage. Then he turned to the audience and in a falsetto voice, said “Lawzy Miz Scarlet, I don’ know nuthin’ ‘bout birthin’ babies.”

    The audience broke up. The CAST broke up. And I started tallying all the levels that gag worked on. Most brilliant piece of humor I ever saw.

  4. Steve D088 commented on Dilbert Classics 5 days ago

    BASIC had to die because anyone could code with it and “professional” programmers would be redundant.

    Also, according to Niklaus Wirth-less, it was bad because GOTO commands led to spaghetti code. Never occurred to him that mostly spaghetti code could be fixed by giving BASIC a decent editor, plus keeping idiots away from computers. Oh, and when he gave the world Pascal, his idea of an improvement on BASIC, guess what it had? A GOTO command.

    I wrote Bessel functions in BASIC. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it.

  5. Steve D088 commented on Bloom County 5 days ago

    Read a story once about a London banker before the crash. He asked is trophy wife “Would you still love me if I lost all my money?” She said “####, no!” and everyone thought it was hilarious. He lost his job and she was gone. She wasn’t kidding in the least.

  6. Steve D088 commented on Wizard of Id 5 days ago

    According to some recent histories. I frankly don’t think we know what units Eratosthenes used precisely enough to say that. Up until a few decades ago. that’s what most histories of science said.

    The absolute nail in the coffin of the flat earth and the tiny womb-like cosmos that the Middle Ages supposedly believed in is in Ptolemy’s Almagest. That, of course, was the ruling text on astronomy before Copernucus. It explicity states that the shape of the earth is a sphere, AND, compared to the sphere of the fixed stars, the earth is a point with no size.

  7. Steve D088 commented on Wizard of Id 5 days ago

    That’s why so many people believe in magic instead of reason. OF COURSE I can’t get a real live date, but Kate Upton wants to date me. OF COURSE some guy in Burkina Faso has $24 million to share with me. OF COURSE I’ll win the lottery. OF COURSE I’m smart and studly enough to penetrate all kinds of sinister conspiracies.

  8. Steve D088 commented on Bloom County 8 days ago

    Can’t be. No high heels.

  9. Steve D088 commented on Pearls Before Swine 8 days ago

    Classic post hoc ergo propter hoc reasoning. Why do you assume it’s society?

  10. Steve D088 commented on Pearls Before Swine 13 days ago

    When we visited Canada, we plugged the meter and went to see Old Montreal. We misjudged our time and found a ticket. Then we went to Ottawa, plugged the meter liberally, went to see Parliament, came back, and found a ticket. I hadn’t seen the sign that banned parking during rush hour. So I managed to get two parking tickets in two Canadian provinces ON THE SAME DAY. And not little bitty ones like PEI and New Brunswick. No, Quebec and Ontario – provinces on steroids.

    Both cities have commendable traffic control. It seems like a lot of major streets are one way headed out of town.