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Berger & Wyse by Pascal Wyse and Joe Berger

Berger & Wyse

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  1. s73m commented on Herman 6 days ago

    But atleast it has the easy open screw-off cap.

  2. s73m commented on Brevity 8 days ago

    But Theseus might get to meet David Bowie.

  3. s73m commented on Dilbert Classics 8 days ago

    Anything good in his desk drawers?

  4. s73m commented on Ollie and Quentin 10 days ago

    One of us is about to be cought by the tiger; would you like this blindfold?

  5. s73m commented on Ollie and Quentin 24 days ago

    had a gull take a bite right out of my sandwitch right in front of my face. his freinds got the rest when i threw it at him.

  6. s73m commented on Frazz 27 days ago

    Yes, after all this “rabbit” talk, I too think a rabbit dinner is in order.

  7. s73m commented on Health Capsules 29 days ago

    Well, that explains my wife’s bottle of “Oil of Oregano”