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  1. s73m commented on Frank & Ernest 11 days ago

    Give him time: first he must commit a repulsive crime so the fans know his name.

  2. s73m commented on The Dinette Set 12 days ago

    BJ? Bon Jovi fans for sure (I’ve heard they realy do exist, just know one would know)

  3. s73m commented on Dilbert Classics 18 days ago

    Aw man, he stole that from me. Now what am I to do with my trainees?

  4. s73m commented on The Dinette Set 26 days ago

    Grompick scompos floom by too fray son.

  5. s73m commented on Frank & Ernest 29 days ago

    My hair cut at basic was fun for all: I was a long haired hippy and intentionally did not cut my hair before basic. The barbers even squabbled over who should cut my hair and the sergeant took pictures. It was a great blast for all!

  6. s73m commented on B.C. about 1 month ago

    i gave my tv away in 2006. i can watch dvd’s on monitor and there is more free tv/movies on the web than i would ever watch. i am reading a book about strange battles of the civil war (U.S.)