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  1. KT commented on Over the Hedge 1 day ago

    We’re in Silver Lake OH (south of Shaker Heights). Many deer. And they LOVE the hostas!

  2. KT commented on PC and Pixel about 1 month ago

    Scots, being thrifty, developed 3 uses for sheep stomach: haggis cooker, bagpipe, golf bag. The first 2 are the most useful.

  3. KT commented on Frazz 4 months ago

    Not the Tigers?

  4. KT commented on Crumb 4 months ago

    One of our black cats re-colored a white Tshirt, in a mile trip to the vet. Real hairshirt.

  5. KT commented on Off the Mark 4 months ago

    Anyone suggested this to La-Z-Boy?

  6. KT commented on Kliban's Cats 4 months ago

    Got that Tshirt

  7. KT commented on Crumb 5 months ago

    TR doesn’t LOOK like a Keeshond, but he sure ACTS like one.

  8. KT commented on Kliban's Cats 6 months ago

    A classic!

  9. KT commented on Kliban 7 months ago

    WJZ: New York’s First Station

  10. KT commented on Crumb 7 months ago

    Bet he chews the rug, too.