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Crumb by David Fletcher


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  1. KT commented on Crumb 21 days ago

    TR doesn’t LOOK like a Keeshond, but he sure ACTS like one.

  2. KT commented on Kliban's Cats about 1 month ago

    A classic!

  3. KT commented on Kliban 3 months ago

    WJZ: New York’s First Station

  4. KT commented on Crumb 3 months ago

    Bet he chews the rug, too.

  5. KT commented on Frazz 3 months ago

    Rosey, TV critic, leaving her ‘comment’ right in front of the ’tube.

  6. KT commented on Frazz 3 months ago

    Cats bring us together like that.

  7. KT commented on Off the Mark 3 months ago

    Actually, mine is all of the above. And sleeps across my legs, the rest of the night.

  8. KT commented on Francis 4 months ago

    ┬┐Habemus catuli?

  9. KT commented on PC and Pixel 4 months ago

    Embarassing when that happened @work, and there was no cat to pull me out of it.

  10. KT commented on Crumb 4 months ago

    Temp here currently 8F. Housesparrows getting lots of competition from gold- & house-finches, juncoes, white-throated sparrows, cardinals, chickadees, downy woodpeckers, mourning doves, and others too fast to ID.