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  1. bigpuma commented on Frazz about 5 hours ago

    Pol Pot liked to cut down the tall poppies and put them in his tea. Educated Cambodian eyeglass wearers were fed to underdogs. Anyone with greater knowledge than Gracie Edison loves to hate the students.

    See? I get everything you write!

  2. bigpuma commented on Frazz about 9 hours ago

    I don’t read “Garfield”. And I’m not sure that using a misanthropic cat as an example quite gets your point over. Sure, there are other strips that make fun of Joe Six-Pack. But none do it the way “Frazz” does.

    I’ve stated before why I continue to read: to find assent. It’s not at all difficult to understand. People use expressions like, “Am I crazy or is it really hot in here?” because that speaks to the value of feeling that others see the world your way. I run up against some very, very silly and combative people, people who wouldn’t admit I’d made a valid point under threat of death. But occasionally, as I’ve seen today, even, I’ll find others who agree with me. What’s more, I’m not critical every day.

    There. Do you understand now?

  3. bigpuma commented on Frazz about 12 hours ago

    Ah, that’s cute! I wish it were true! It ain’t.
    Most of the comments I see in reply to my own are ad hominem cracks, deflections, detours from context, twists of logic, and same old songs. If, more frequently, the replies actually addressed the point I’d made, I’d welcome that gladly. It doesn’t happen often enough.

  4. bigpuma commented on Frazz about 12 hours ago

    Wrong. “Frazz” is very different in the way it does that.

    Very few comic strips satirize the everyman, the average Joe. To the contrary, they make him the hero, and satirize those in power, the self-satisfied, the know-it-alls. Dilbert has to endure his horrible boss, Sherman puts up with the pedantic Hawthorne, etc. Mallett would have it the other way around, for some reason I will never, ever understand.

    Most of us like to root for the underdog. In “Frazz”, the underdog is mocked and the know-it-all Renaissance Man is adored. I find it bizarre.

  5. bigpuma commented on Frazz about 17 hours ago

    He is, yes, absolutely. But be careful! Dare to analyze his mean-spirited, judgmental over-analyses and you’re the one who’ll be made out to be the bad guy.

  6. bigpuma commented on Frazz 1 day ago

    Well, I get that Frazz uses the word perfect because each of the others has. What I want to know is, what is it about making conversation with Mrs. Olsen that makes it best to talk about the weather, out of all the things there are to talk about? What is he implying about her?

  7. bigpuma commented on Frazz 2 days ago

    Why is the weather the perfect thing to discuss with Mrs. Olsen? Will someone please explain?

  8. bigpuma commented on Frazz 3 days ago

    Caulfield is (virtually) never seen speaking with his classmates, yet he is constantly shown speaking with Frazz. Frequently, it’s to rehash some stunt he’s pulled, crack he’s made, trouble he’s caused.

    I’m guessing that Mallett just finds this to be an easy, formulaic way to set up punch lines, and that it doesn’t tell us much else, explicitly, or intentionally. (There’s a long list of things we don’t see, right? Including Mrs. Olsen in the shower.) Still, I wonder what Mallett would say if he were asked about his decision to make his little hero an outcast and a braggart? What’s up with that?

  9. bigpuma commented on Frazz 4 days ago

    Someone is tired of Caulfied? Others think he may not be any brighter than his teacher? Smart alecks, we’re told, are not universally adored? Where am I, The Bizarro World????

  10. bigpuma commented on Frazz 5 days ago

    Live and let live. Yes. But good luck with that notion when you have a difficult, delicate princess like this kid and a polar bear type working in adjacent offices. And there’s a thermostat between them.