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  1. Wheelo commented on Pooch Cafe almost 4 years ago

    Yes, well, drawing a thermocycler that everyone recognizes as such would probably be a bit harder than a microscope. I do feel the poor guy’s pain, not dogs though, mice and rats, first job out of school…

  2. Wheelo commented on Monty almost 4 years ago

    @ramonesfan Beta might be a bit high up in the alphabet for Monty, Omega’s more his range.

  3. Wheelo commented on Pearls Before Swine over 4 years ago

    Reminds me of the old joke Q:“Why do husbands tend to die before their wives?” A:“Because they want to!”

  4. Wheelo commented on Big Nate almost 5 years ago

    I enjoy this story line, I kind of hope Nate wins, and Gina loses, it’d be fun to actually see Gina get detention herself during her attempts to get Nate busted and win the bet. We’ll see what Mr. Pierce has in store for us though.

  5. Wheelo commented on F Minus about 5 years ago

    Kinda reminds me of the classic Ray Stevens song ‘Surfing USSR’.

  6. Wheelo commented on Non Sequitur about 5 years ago

    I don’t think there’s even a Krispy Kreme within 100 miles of Maine, had to be a Dunkin’,

  7. Wheelo commented on Pooch Cafe over 5 years ago

    Remember his inner dog is a clown, he’s all about a good laugh and good times, but I don’t think he wants to see anyone really get hurt.

  8. Wheelo commented on Over the Hedge over 5 years ago

    @bdaverin I love the Avenue Q Reference. So true though.

  9. Wheelo commented on Cow and Boy Classics over 5 years ago

    Just the one that I know of, it’s pretty epic.