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  1. Sidneypop commented on B.C. about 2 years ago

    Imported water from the French Alps.

  2. Sidneypop commented on Lola about 2 years ago

    “All of our people (1 or 0 ) are helping other customers.”

  3. Sidneypop commented on Doonesbury about 2 years ago

    Did you hear about the honest liberal? Of course you didn’t.

  4. Sidneypop commented on Non Sequitur about 2 years ago

    Believing in God isn’t so difficult. Understanding what God is is.

  5. Sidneypop commented on JumpStart over 2 years ago


  6. Sidneypop commented on Arlo and Janis over 2 years ago

    Anything you make by the millions has to be cheap because there just isn’t time to put a lot of money into the process.
    Ever wonder what it really costs to make a car? No, less than that.
    I doubt that the actual cost of the smartest phone is over $35. The rest is gravy onto someone else’s plate.

  7. Sidneypop commented on Pearls Before Swine over 2 years ago


  8. Sidneypop commented on Doonesbury over 2 years ago

    Sounds like even Doonesbury is getting fed up with obummer.

  9. Sidneypop commented on B.C. over 2 years ago

    I saw a cooker that would cook 16 hamburgers in 30 seconds. That’s fast!

  10. Sidneypop commented on The Duplex almost 3 years ago

    Go soak in Doonesbury.