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  1. happyfrog commented on Gray Matters about 3 years ago

    And just to be nitpicky—it should be snuck, not sneaked!!!

  2. happyfrog commented on Ben about 3 years ago

    It would be nice to see the comic wthout the ad!

  3. happyfrog commented on Diamond Lil about 3 years ago

    LOVE the armpit hair!!

  4. happyfrog commented on Emmy Lou about 3 years ago

    Hey @emmyloufan1, are you ever going to publish a collecttion of Emmy Lou comics? I managed to get hold of one of the old books on Amagiant, and there may be another one, but it would be great to have them in a new edition!!

  5. happyfrog commented on Baldo about 3 years ago

    So I had a friend in college who was Polish/Italian. He would tell Italian jokes and be Polish, or Polish jokes and be Italian. I was blonde and still think dumb blonde jokes are a scream.

  6. happyfrog commented on Frazz about 3 years ago

    What’s worse is that he showed them riding ON the white line instead of inside of it. It’s there to mark the edge of the road, especially in case of fog. It’s not there for bicyclists to ride on! I wish more of them would learn that. They may not like the shoulder, but it’s safer than riding on the white line and taking a chance on getting hit by a car.

  7. happyfrog commented on Bliss over 3 years ago

    Soooo not funny.

  8. happyfrog commented on Baldo over 3 years ago

    Gocomics slipped up and put the Spanish strip here today—wonder if the regular one is in the Spanish strips?

  9. happyfrog commented on Mike du Jour over 3 years ago

    Now if this just took care of all those people who write such horrible jokes, and don’t get me started on puns!

  10. happyfrog commented on Emmy Lou over 3 years ago

    Oh dear, not 50 years ago, only about 35-40, please!