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  1. Lamberger commented on Richard's Poor Almanac about 1 hour ago

    and also because they were written in the blood of patriots….

  2. Lamberger commented on Jeff Stahler about 24 hours ago

    <<Thing is, on the other side of that dike, there’s nothing at all.>>
    Said like a true Nihilist….

  3. Lamberger commented on Zack Hill about 24 hours ago

    Asked and answered….

  4. Lamberger commented on Pickles about 24 hours ago

    Fit. Form. Function. Two out of three aren’t so bad….

  5. Lamberger commented on Jane's World about 24 hours ago

    NOT a result of too many unadulterated sugar doughnuts. ADULTERATED sugar doughnuts: maybe….

  6. Lamberger commented on Signe Wilkinson 3 days ago

    Vote your conscious? Oh the horror!
    — “Vote your conscious?” Wait, where have I heard that? (Hint: Ted Cruz at the RNC.)

  7. Lamberger commented on Dan Wasserman 3 days ago

    Melania didn’t write her speech, any more than Michelle did. Blame Melania’s speech writer and the Trump organization for not checking it. But you cannot expect a presidential nomination to have the massive personnel of the executive mansion to catch such errors.

  8. Lamberger commented on Ted Rall 3 days ago

    Is this cartoon an anti-religious slur against his holiness the Flying Spaghetti Monster? If so, their may be legal reprercussions….

  9. Lamberger commented on Matt Davies 3 days ago

    " Jill has ZERO chance of winning, after all she not even on the ballot in all 50 states."

    No, but Gary Johnson is on the ballot in all 50 states. And, as 65% of the independents observe, you don’t have to vote for either of the two corrupt leaders. “A vote for the lessor of two evils is still a vote for evil.”

  10. Lamberger commented on Steve Benson 3 days ago

    Who cares who delivers the email? As long as you get it. I note that the answer to, “Why did you write those evil emails”,has continually been responded with the something like, “The important thing is who finding the evil doer who released them!”