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  1. Lamberger commented on Wizard of Id Classics 2 days ago

    Must have accidentally gotten the purina gerbal food again….

  2. Lamberger commented on Zack Hill 2 days ago

    Re-examine the tape and you will see that he did say “a man”. The media got it wrong. (Really?)

  3. Lamberger commented on Jane's World 2 days ago

    “Why is it in the third panel the punch is thrown to the right but the face reacts like it’s from the left?”

    These snapshots are a piecewise continual storyline. Continuity is up to the viewer. Likely she was turning to her left when she got hit….

  4. Lamberger commented on HUBRIS! 2 days ago

    Check out this Lahaina (Maui) website for handmade sandals based on ancient models:


  5. Lamberger commented on Lola 2 days ago

    I got that Tee-shirt….

  6. Lamberger commented on F Minus 2 days ago

    When you know that it’s time to put warning stickers on the windows….

  7. Lamberger commented on PreTeena 2 days ago

    You say historical. I say hysterical. Let’s call the whole thing off….

  8. Lamberger commented on Wizard of Id Classics 5 days ago

    “I’m in love/I’m in love/With Attila the Hun!/Attila the Hun/Attila the Hun/Oh, he’ll pillage my village/And kill everyone/But I still love Attila my Hun!” — Ronny Graham

  9. Lamberger commented on Pearls Before Swine 5 days ago

    “At my age, it’s a good day when I wake up alive.” — Me….

  10. Lamberger commented on The Humble Stumble 5 days ago

    “Just get a little salt to make it all better.”

    I can hear the Beatles singing those lyrics….